About Us

My name is James Shepherd and I would like to welcome  you to  CCSalesPro.COM   We have partnered  together with several well respected processors, to offer you an  exciting business  opportunity.

We provide the sales training, support and systems you need to succeed in selling merchant services.  To learn more, please click  Join our Team


Our Core Values:

  • Always Learning

-If you are constantly searching for knowledge and want to be well informed, you will fit in great on our team!

-If you love reading books and learning best practices from others, you will fit in well on our team!

  • Always Living

-Living isn’t something we are waiting to do once we strike it rich.  Living is something that starts right now!

-We are focused on remaining organized, scheduled and we life every day to the fullest, investing in family, close relationships and charitable activities in our community.  Come join a team that is committed to living a productive, fulfilling life every day!

  • Always Leveraging

-We strive to leverage technology and procedures to do more with less.

-We will show you how to maximize your effectiveness by leveraging a good organizational system, solid procedures and eventually a team that is passionate about your business.

Call me anytime with Questions or concerns,

James Shepherd

Phone: 814-515-9526

Fax: 814-217-6795


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