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One thing that has always frustrated me is the way average sales people think about sales.  They have a million excuses for why they can’t make sales, as if the only variable is luck.  The truth is that they can’t sell because they don’t know how to sell.  Just like a first year med student doesn’t perform brain surgery.  If you take sales seriously, let me share a strategy that only you can pull off that will probably increase your sales by 20%.

If you are like most experienced sales professionals, you are probably losing between 30% to 60% of your contacts because you end up with nothing to say.  We have all been there.  You have given a rebuttal to every objection, you have used up all your best lines and then the prospect says something like, “Thanks for stopping by, we are just not interested right now but maybe down the road we can work together.”  What are you supposed to say to that?

It isn’t really a standard objection and you have already used your “not interested” rebuttal once or even twice.  What should you do?  CLOSE THE SALE.  You are thinking, “WHAT?”  How am I going to close the sale at this point?  In my podcast episode today I am going to share a close that is incredibly effective if you do it right.  This is not for the novice sales rep and does require sales experience.  If you haven’t already made a good first impression, this close will get you kicked out of the store for sure, so tread carefully!  Listen to the podcast episode to learn more.

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