Technology, Training, Team


Whether you are an individual rep looking to create a merchant savings quote instantly for multiple processors, or an ISO with a team of reps that need a branded proposal tool that will eliminate the need for your staff to complete a statement analysis, we have the right solution for you!


80% of all new reps that enter this industry never make a sale.  The reason is simple.  They don’t have enough structured training to gain the confidence they need to start prospecting.  My YouTube videos and other free content is helpful, but it is often like drinking out of a fire hose, to much information to quickly.  Let me work with your ISO to create a custom agent on boarding process.


If you are a serious merchant level sales professional looking for a good home, I may have an opportunity for you.  I do not own or operate an ISO, but I do have referral relationships in the industry where you can sell directly for the processor and where I can provide coaching as you get started if you meet specific qualifications.