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Podcast – Keeping It Super Simple

Mastering the art of relationship building The key to building lifetime relationships is in keeping it super simple, RJ Horsley, President of SpotOn Transact, explains in this week's featured interview. Plus, James discusses urgency killers and ways to overcome these...

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3 Problems with Surcharging

  I’ve noticed a trend as I’ve talked to ISOs and agents who follow my content.  Many of them still in their minds think that surcharging and cash discounting are the same.  There are a lot of differences between the two.  However, I’ll just give a thirty-second...

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Podcast – There are Many Paths to Value Selling

Making case for surcharging, instant funding; plus value-selling roadmap Robert Maynard explains how his firm, SurchX, partners with ISOs and MLSs to support compliant credit card surcharging. James provides a roadmap for selling on value. And Patti describes merchant...

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