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Building Towards the Close – Chess Not Checkers

  I’m excited to talk about chess in this episode!  It's a game I love which has many parallels to the way I sell.   Most sales people who I observe and with whom I talk are playing checkers.  That means these sales people are not thinking very far ahead.  Rather than...

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Introduction to Surcharging

  I believe most of you are aware of my passion to educate the industry - sales agents and ISOs.  Although I've talked often about surcharging in previous content, I would be remiss not to publish a series of discussions about surcharging.  There is a lot of...

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Maximizing Value for Portfolio Buyouts

"No portfolio is too small or too big to sell" Learn from Denise Shomo, President of Cutter Financial, about what her firm looks for when purchasing agent portfolios. "No portfolio is too small or too large," she says. Plus, Patti provides updates on cash usage and...

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3 Ways to Double Your Closing Rate in One Week

  Today I’m going to give you 3 concrete ways to double your closing rate in one week - no matter who you are.  This is for anyone who is watching, listening, or reading right now.  The concept is very simple, but it is hard to put into practice.  I find that to be...

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