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Unlock Transparency in Payment Processing with CostBox

Welcome to CostBox — The leading consulting firm for medium and large organizations looking to understand and control their payment processing costs.

CostBox is backed by the trusted expertise of the CCSalesPro team, with one clear mission: Empower your business by unraveling the complexity of payment processing fees. Unearth potential savings, sharpen your negotiating power with your current processors, and fuel your financial growth.

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About CCSalesPro

CCSalesPro, our parent company, has a proud history of providing insightful consulting services to hundreds of banks and processors in the industry. Having analyzed over 30,000 processing statements, we’re armed with in-depth industry knowledge and a unique perspective to interpret the most intricate data in the payment processing landscape.

Expertise You Can Trust

With CostBox, you leverage this extensive experience and data-driven expertise. We take this complex data and convert it into simple, actionable insights, tailored for your business. We help you decode your processing statements, expose areas where you're being overcharged, and equip you with the knowledge to negotiate more favorable terms.

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5 Ways Payment Acceptance is Eating Your Profits

Learn how to take control of your merchant account and maximize your profits.

How it Works

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Step #1 - Evaluation

Work with our team of experts to explain how your company processes payments, allowing us to identify areas of opportunity to efficiency in cost reduction. We will provide a detailed plan of action and request information such as current contract terms and payment processing technology.

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Step #2 - Analysis

Upload your entire processing statement(s) to our system or email the files to your dedicated relationship manager. Our cutting edge technology will analyze every fee on your statement and compare your costs to your contract terms as well as identify savings opportunities.

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Step #3 - Review

Jump on a zoom each month with a certified payment processing expert to run through the results of our analysis. We will educate your team on opportunities for cost reduction and alert you to any cost increases month over month that should be re-negotiated.

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Step #4 - Negotiate

Armed with detailed findings and information from our team, you will be ready to reach out to your current payment processor to renegotiate rates and / or adjust your payments technology to take full advantage of our findings. We work with our clients to ensure that they understand their own payment processing statement and costs.


Empowering You to Take Control 

CostBox is a financial analysis tool and not a "merchant cost consulting" service. We want to make it clear that we don't negotiate with payment processors on your behalf. Instead, we believe in empowering you, the merchant, to confidently navigate these negotiations yourself.

By leveraging CostBox's advanced technology and industry insight, you can precisely identify the fees that are negotiable within your payment processing statement. Armed with this knowledge, you're better equipped to directly negotiate with your payment processors, potentially saving you significant amounts on processing costs.

At CostBox, we give you the tools, you take control.


Savings Are at Your Fingertips

With CostBox, you're not just processing payments — you're optimizing costs. Get ready to uncover hidden fees, overcharges, and potential savings lurking in your payment processing statements. No more vague fees and charges that slip under the radar. We’re here to shine a light on every corner of your processing costs.


Make the first step towards optimized payment processing costs today, with CostBox.