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Discover steps to sell to Mechants with highly in-depth ebook.

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The 6 Steps You Can Learn Are...

Sound like an Expert

Projecting confidence is important for sales success in any industry.  When selling small business owners, it is a requirement.

Prospect Daily

No matter which partner you choose, you will need a daily action plan. Without taking action, your learning will never progress past the basics.

Build your Pipeline

The key to building your pipeline after learning what you need to know and prospecting daily is to track and execute your "next action steps."

Eliminate "Maybe."

fter ten to twenty days of consistent prospecting, you will wake up one day and realize you have so many next-action steps with "interested" prospects that you don't have time to hit your prospecting goals for the day.  This is a clear indication that the time has come to eliminate "maybe."

Identify your Niche

After several months of prospecting, you'll notice there are certain business types where your odds of connecting with and closing the prospect are higher than average. It means you can focus on a particular niche to deepen your expertise and customize your value proposition.

Dominate your Market

This final step is crucial if you want to transition long-term into more leads and less cold calling.  This process sounds simple because it is simple! With patience and work ethic, you can follow these steps and dominate your market!