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Software & Hardware Fees

Point of Sale upgrades can eat into your business’s budget considerably. Whether you’re dealing with software or hardware, the old practice of paying large sums for system improvements isn’t relevant anymore.

Price Increases on Payment Processing

Carefully following payment processing charges is essential, especially when your point of sale (POS) system and payment processing are tightly integrated. Though this pairing can simplify matters, it’s not a cue to ignore your processing expenses.

Up-charges for Apps and Features

Modern systems typically bill monthly for software, which covers updates. Often, these systems will have added costs for apps or features that might not be essential for your operations.

Training Time and Turn Over

consider the hours dedicated to training staff. What does this commitment mean for your operations? Compare the instruction needed for the POS system.

Opportunity Cost

What we choose NOT to do always costs us more than what we choose to do. Opportunity cost is fundamentally the idea that choosing one course of action means sidelining another potentially lucrative alternative.

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