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My Secret Sales Weapon – The Group Sales Approach

  This secret sales weapon could make you a fortune selling merchant services!  It is one of the most powerful tools to use in your local market.  The weapon is powerful both as a method for making sales and building trust.  Use it to assist you in making a helpful...

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Two Extremes of Successful Selling

  Most sales people don’t understand that making sales requires two extreme talents.  Stay off the middle road; that’s where failure lurks.  The more extreme you get with these two talents, the better.  In this episode learn to expand your boundaries and switch gears...

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The Cash Discounting Trap

  Some processors are making cash discounting complicated and costly for merchants.  The method they use to pay interchange for cash discounting merchants is vitally important.  A confusing situation recently stumped the merchant and the reps, so they called me.  The...

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Cash Discounting: What I Learned From a Pizza Shop

  Recently I had a surprisingly informative conversation with a local pizza shop owner.  One lesson gleaned there is not to complicate something which is really simple.  Learn from my humbling experience so you can get the jump on competition.  This episode will give...

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The Art of the One Call Close

  The one skill which will make you more money than anything else in the world is the one call sales close.  Think of it as traveling a highway.  When you say “hello” to the prospect, you are getting on the highway.  Don’t run out of gas!  Stay on the highway until it...

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