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How to Sell Merchant Services for the Right Processor

I have sold merchant services for a lot of different processors.  I have made many mistakes along the way.  The most important decision you will make in the merchant services industry is choosing a processor for whom to sell.  I have helped thousands of agents and...

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Selling Merchants is Like Playing Golf

    I started playing golf around the age of nineteen.  For the next five years or so, I walked nine holes five days a week and eighteen holes on Saturday.  I love golf.  I got away from it until last year and then decided to start up again this summer.  Going from a...

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Big News: Amex Won in the Supreme Court

  It was tough listening to The Peloponnesian War, a 19-hour audio book I unfortunately started a few years back.  However, once I start reading something, I have to finish it.  When I was a teenager, I would get so upset with my Dad who would start watching a movie...

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