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Target Wants to Reject Rewards Cards

Recently Wall Street Journal published a report saying Target, Amazon, Home Depot, and many other large retailers want the ability to reject certain types of cards – rewards cards.  I find this extremely interesting.  There's one core rule of Visa and MasterCard which...

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Removing 3 Barriers to Success

  There are three ever-present barriers to success, no matter what you are trying to accomplish.  These are thorns to everyone! Other people Yourself Circumstances. Today let's discuss how to remove each one of these. #1.  Other people and their opinions.  You want to...

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NEWS ALERT: Clover Drops Cash Discounting Apps

  Many of you may already be aware of this big development in the cash discounting world.  For months I’ve been warning reps not to do cash discounting on Clover.  First Data does not believe in cash discounting.  I cautioned that when First Data realized what is...

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How to Make $400 Per Hour in Merchant Services

  I can point to two specific moments in my life when I realized I could sell.  My first job was at "The Ark" pet store, and I remember it like it was yesterday.  Our big ticket item was salt water aquariums.  One day a customer came in looking at a small, "starter"...

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