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Payroc: Revolutionizing Payment Processing with Dual Pricing and Cutting-Edge Technology

If you are looking for an all-around payment processor who offers cutting edge technology, along with Dual Pricing for card present and card not present, Payroc is at the top of my list. They have a fantastic sales culture for 1099 agents and some of the top representatives in the industry.

Lavu: Transforming Food Service Business Sales with Cutting-Edge POS Technology and Residual Income Opportunities

If desiring to sell restaurants, pizza shops, food trucks, and other food services businesses, you will need more than just payment processing these days. Partner with Lavu to offer cutting-edge point of sale technology that competes head-to-head with Toast, while building lifetime residuals and offering hardware at no up-front cost.

Tilled: Unlocking Profitable Partnerships with ISVs for Seamless Payment Integration and Residual Income Opportunities

There is a huge opportunity to partner with independent software vendors (ISVs). These software companies need a way to easily integrate payments into their software while making money on the processing. Agents and ISOs refer software companies to Tilled in exchange for a percentage of the residuals on all of their merchant accounts.

Star Financial: Elevating Merchant Services with Comprehensive ATM Solutions and Cash Management

While providing ATM machines may not be your lead-off service, it is a product / service you should offer if you target high traffic merchant locations. Star Financial provides a full suite of ATM products and services, including full service and cash management on ATMs.

Netevia: Powering ISOs with Payment Processing and Business Banking

Selling payment processing by itself is no longer enough. Netevia partners directly with ISOs to offer both payment processing and business banking services. If you want to take your ISO to the next level and / or  are interested in becoming the bank for your merchants, contact Netevia.

Partner with Snack POS for QSR POS Solutions

Sales professionals should consider partnering with Snack POS.  Their specialized focus on Quick Serve and comprehensive POS solutions allows salespeople to offer clients a tailored, industry-specific solution for QSR, while building residuals from Dual Pricing.

Sell Card Not Present Quickbooks Merchants with Biller Genie

You sell the payment processing; you keep the monthly margin; let Biller Genie handle the invoicing and Quickbooks integration.  Help your merchants get paid faster and automate invoicing while using your MID.  Reach out to learn more about selling CNP merchants who use Quickbooks and invoice their clients for payment.

Brand your ISO with Maverick.

To scale a team of merchant sales professionals, you not only need a payment processing partner.  You also need technology solutions and fully branded merchant and agent experience. Maverick provides a complete, turnkey solution for ISOs looking to scale operations while staying focused on sales.  Reach out to Maverick to learn more.