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White Labeled Training for Teams

Teams can benefit from this tailored training program, offering a branded learning management system with rich video content for sales and support staff. The platform includes progress tracking, CRM integration, and surpasses free, sponsor-driven training in terms of content and control. 

Free Training for Individuals

CCSalesPro now provides industry beginners with free, sponsor-supported training across various sectors. Interaction with sponsors substitutes monthly fees. This free education isn't a trial, but a lifelong offer.


Common Questions

What is the ISO training program?

The ISO training program is a comprehensive training solution designed by James Shepherd, offering a vast array of video content tailored for sales and support staff within a custom-built learning management system.

What does the learning management system offer?

The learning management system offers a fully integrated solution for all training processes. It includes an admin dashboard for tracking progress, automated CRM integration, and is fully customizable with your company's logo and color scheme.

How is the branded ISO training program different from the free individual training?

The branded ISO training program provides more content and control, allowing companies to manage their training environment effectively. The free individual training, although accessible, includes sponsorships from competitors and has fewer resources.

Can we track our employees' progress in this training program?

Yes, the learning management system includes an admin dashboard that allows you to manage and track the learning progress of your sales team.