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Q & A – How Do I Become My Own ISO?

The question today comes from an agent who has returned to the industry after a few years break.  He disagrees with the direction of his current company and asks, “How can I break with my company and launch out independently?”   James first explains the various...

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Q & A – How Can I Justify Switching From Shopify

The agent this week has several prospective clients who use Shopify.  She asks how to overcome the objection of cancellation fees for switching? I think the Shopify model is one of the best in the industry.  They’re one of the toughest competitors for agents.  They’ve...

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Q & A – How can I ease the fears of my client?

The question this week is from an agent whose cash discount client has some concern about legal threats from that ½ of 1% of disgruntled customers.  The client is a 45-location well-known fast-food chain in the southeast which has completed the first month with the...

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