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3 Tips for Closing Web Design Deals – Online Presence Part 3

Are you ready to close some web design deals? This short post gives you 3 tips for closing web design deals. Get ready to start making some money from web design and online presence sales that will help your small business clients!

In my last two posts, we covered how to schedule an appointment for a web design sale and then we discussed how to make a great presentation.  Now, I want to give you three short tips for closing these sales once you get them to this point.


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Small_Sales_presentation_#1 – Paperwork Close.  Make sure you read my last article on presenting web design and then, once they have given you a positive response to the yellow pages scenario or to one of the other lines of questioning, simply pull out the paper version of the survey form which has questions to help us with the design and say this:

“Bob, we have several online presence programs but our basic service is $99 per month.  We do all the design work at no charge and you just pay $99 per month in order to have a partner to help you develop your online presence.  We will help you update your website on a regular basis and ensure that you are listed properly on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other major search engines.  Now I do have one other program I want to speak with you about, but first I would like to get some information about the type of website you would like for this basic starter program…”

At this point, you simply look down at the survey form and ask them the first question.  Once you get down to the questions about content creation, you can ask them about this and find out if they want us to write a monthly or weekly blog article for them and update their social media channels.

#2 – Trial Close / Alternate Advance.  This approach is really, really easy and works great for web design.  Close them on a detail or present them with an alternate advance (Yes or Yes) question and if they answer it, you know you have the sale.  Here are two examples:

“Bob, I have gone over the pricing with you, are you interested in moving forward with the content marketing where we create a new blog article for you and update your website and social media channels regularly or would you prefer to start with the business driver, get the free design work done and go from there?”

“Would you like to keep your current domain and transfer that url over to our hosting service or should we talk about a new domain all together for your business?”

#3 – Closing Question.  This technique is very effective when you have a service that is highly differentiated, especially when you get a prospect that is showing obvious interest.  Simply ask your closing question and then be completely silent until the prospect responds.

“Bob, I have enjoyed talking with you today, do you have any other questions about our program?  (Response: “No, I think you answered all my questions”) Great, with your permission I would like to complete the paperwork and start the design work this week.”  or you could end with, “Great, I am excited to get started, I have some time available tomorrow to get all the information in our system, do you have a few minutes now to complete the paperwork?”

I hope these few short closing tips will help you close more deals!

Check back on Thursday for Part 4 of this series where I will cover the paperwork and how to submit your first web design deal and receive your $200 Approval bonus! (Click on the image to the right if you can’t wait to get started!)

Have a great day in the field!

James Shepherd




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