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3 Tips for Installation and Tech Support of Credit Card Terminals

If you are a merchant services agent you should have at least one spare terminal. It is important you have this terminal configured and ready to go for...


VeriFone VX510

The topic today doesn’t relate directly to how to sell merchant services. But  if you understand the process I am about to describe to you, then you can pitch service to your clients and explain some of these advantages to them. This is really a major part of your comparative advantage. When you are out in the field you want to let people know that you provide great local service. Now if you are delegating all the tech support to the processor, and you are not following these three steps I am about to give you,  then you aren’t providing local service. You are selling people, but you are not really providing local service. If it is your goal to provide local service, here are some tips:


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#1 – You want to make sure you have at least one or two spare terminals. 

What you can actually do is take that terminal, call up your processor and go ahead and do a download for one of your existing clients. It does not matter which one; just do a download for one of your existing clients When I learned this next little tip I am going to give you it literally saved me hours of my time. Once you have it downloaded for one of your merchants, you can change the parameters of the terminal within 3-5 minutes. Change the merchant ID number and the header information on the receipt. Now you can you the terminal for any merchant as long as they have the same processor that you set it up for.

You can use spare terminals in a couple different ways:

A. You can take care of it yourself. If someone has a problem with their terminal and they call you, rather than sitting on hold with tech support, or trying to do a 30 minute download, you can handle it yourself. Do a quick check, if you realize you will need to call tech support, just switch the terminal out. Tell the owner, ” I switched out your terminal. I am going to have it checked and have it back to you tomorrow.” Take the terminal back to the office and call tech support while you work on something else.

B. You might get someone who needs the terminal today. Maybe their store opens tomorrow and they need a credit card terminal installed right now. You can get their information, submit the application, have them approved in 10-20 business hours, and the next day  can come back and have a terminal you can install. Of course you can order them a free terminal and install that later, but at least you have a spare terminal you can use in such cases. That’s why I like to have two terminals so if I set one up somewhere, I still have one left.

#2 – Understand the two basic prompts of your terminal.                                                                                                                             (Remember I am talking specifically here about the VeriFone VX510. But this is true for most Omni terminals and other Verifone terminals.)

Before you install your new terminal you should plug it in and do two things:

A. When you are on the main screen of the terminal, hit the number 6. Put the password in of four zeros, hit enter, and then take some time and look at the options that are available. A lot of it is self explanatory and very, very simple to understand.

B. When you are on the main screen select the down arrow. It is the purple button all the way to the left. Then scroll down till you see “other set up.” Select other set up. And again just go through and check the options that are available. (That is also where you can go for changing the header on the receipt.)

If you learn how to work with these two prompts you will be able to work on the parameter changes I mentioned at the beginning. Then you can easily switch a new terminal over for a new merchant.

My name is James Shepherd and I hope these short tips were a help to you today. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at james@ccsalespro.com

Have a great day in the field!

James Shepherd

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