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4 Keys to streamlining POS installations for QSRs

streamlining merchant onboarding can be a challenge, especially with quick service restaurants...

If you are selling quick service restaurants, you already know that, like the name implies, QSRs are all about speed, simplicity and service. It can be challenging working with these businesses, however, because point of sale installations have become a major pain point for the ISO-agent community. 
Here are four keys to overcoming those challenges, and streamlining POS installations for QSRs.
1.       Seamless merchant account set-up. There are two ways this can play out: either you work with a technology company that does its own payment processing., or, you can work with a payment processor that has truly seamless procedures for setting up merchant accounts in an integrated fashion, from identity verifications and risk assessments, to underwriting and gateway accounts.
Snack POS, sponsor of this edition of the Merchant Sales Podcast, can support either option. It offers payment processing that features seamless merchant account set-up. When you sell for Snack you earn lifetime vested residuals from them, as payment processor and a software provider. Snack also works with ISOs that want to do their own processing. When taking the latter route, be sure to put in the time and effort needed to ensure a smooth underwriting and onboarding experience for the merchant. 
2.       Free equipment, or at the very least no upfront hardware investment. Otherwise, you risk that the QSR will skimp on equipment which can lead to nasty installation problems.
Plus, if you’re not offering free equipment it can drive a wedge through the sales process. An agent's conversation with the merchant should not focus on the cost of POS hardware but on the value that can be delivered through the POS software that runs on that hardware. Find a provider, like our sponsor Snack, that will help you deliver free hardware, or failing that hardware with no upfront costs. 
3.       Deployment processes and procedures that have been designed for smooth setups. Otherwise, you may find yourself stuck on-site for days fixing bugs.
Snack built its POS system from scratch, and one of the things they did was to design the system with this idea of easy installation in mind. Not just the software itself, but also the processes that go on behind the scenes.  I've even worked with Snack to create a really cool unboxing video that goes out to the merchant as well as the signing agent.
4.       An intuitive user experience for the Admin. It is a given that at some point following installation, the QSR is going to need to make changes in their POS system. This should not require any substantial work for the user Admin. If that process isn’t super user friendly and intuitive, the QSR will be forced to reach out to their agent or the technology provider to get those changes done, and that isn’t likely to be quick or easy.
This is another area where SNACK excels, because it was built from scratch with the underlying mission to make everything very user friendly. 
I think it’s crucial that agents, if they want to take back the QSR market from big competitors, have a fantastic, streamlined installation process. If you want to see what that looks like, head over to ccsalespro.com/snack, and check out the new training and unboxing videos I did for Snack. 

If you want to learn about the Snack reseller program, head on over to snackhq.com. Reach out and talk with them; I think you’ll be impressed with what they have to offer.
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