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20 Day Jump-Start

Day 1

Welcome to the twenty day jump start program! I am assuming that you are spending most of your first day preparing and going through training. Thus, the resources below are more time consuming than a normal day where you will also be prospecting in the field. Here are your goals for today: 1. Review your […]

Welcome to the twenty day jump start program!  I am assuming that you are spending most of your first day preparing and going through training.  Thus, the resources below are more time consuming than a normal day where you will also be prospecting in the field.  Here are your goals for today:

1. Review your Twenty Day Jump Start shared spreadsheet in google docs.
(If you do not have a shared spreadsheet, please email james@multi-merchant.com right away to have your own spreadsheet created with custom goals based on your available time and sales ability.)

2. Set up your email address, phone number and schedule.

3. Print your business cards / Order your business cards.

4. Learn how to meet a business owner. (Basic Prospecting)

5. Learn how to obtain a statement from a business owner.

6. Open your free Phone Swipe account through the agentinfocenter.


Watch the video at 20 Day Jump Start Home to learn how to use your google docs spreadsheet.

If you see terms or words that you haven’t seen before, read the Glossary of Terms from North American Bancard.  This will come in handy as you speak to clients and other industry professionals.

Set up your email / phone number and get organized.

Please watch the video below to learn how to set up your email, phone number and organizational system.  I recommend that each new rep set up a free gmail account and free google voice number for his or her business.  Your email address could be firstname.nab@gmail.com.  Or if you have a doing business as name, use dbaname@gmail.com for your email address.  I recommend using a local number for your google voice account.  You can also visit gmail.com and voice.google.com for more information.

Also read the blog article entitled Organizing your Sales Leads and Discipline of Schedule.

Set Up Business Cards
The quickest and easiest way to print your business cards is to go to Walmart and purchase a packet of clean edge business cards that can be loaded into your printer.  If you would like to take advantage of this option, please CLICK HERE to download a Microsoft Word document that you can use as a template.  Simply change the information on each card and print out a few cards to get you started.

Set up Your Website
North American Bancard offers a free mirrored website to you where prospects can apply online.  In order to take advantage of this offer, go to the Agent Info Center and click on “NAB University” to watch a screen shot video about setting up and using your Mirrored website.  If you have difficultly setting this up, contact your ISO Support rep at NAB.

Custom Cards and Website
If you would like to set up a custom website or custom business cards, I have a video below showing the type of cards and website I use along with contact information for the two contractors I use.

Basic Prospecting

Here are a couple videos to start with on some basic prospecting ideas.  One of the main decisions you need to make early on is whether or not you will get prospects by cold calling or by walking into a business and asking for the owner.  I personally built my business by walking in to new businesses, but I now utilize a telemarketing model.  Either one works fine, but you need to decide which one you will use. Keep in mind that if you are in an urban / very competitive market, you probably need to adopt a strategy of walking in just because business owners in your area have been called so many times already. Here is a video that talks about the strategy of walking into a business.

Here is a blog article with other tips on how to prospect this way:  Tips on Prospecting

If you would rather go after a telemarketing strategy, here are two blog articles which explain these two strategies:

Create Appointment Scheduled Leads

Scheduling an Appointment

When you get out in the field tomorrow, your only goal is to meet business owners and get them to agree to receive a free cost analysis.  In order to complete this analysis, you will need to get a copy of their most recent processing statement.  In other words, we are assuming that they already accept credit cards.  We need to get a copy of their current statement and create a cost analysis for them to show our savings over what they are currently paying.  Here are a few resources which will show you how to get the statement from the merchant.

How to Get the Statement

You now have all the information you need to get out in the field and present yourself to business owners tomorrow.  You still have a lot to learn, but the most important part of this training is to get out in the field and use the knowledge that you gain each day.  In the article below, I talk about how to actually get out in the field and the best way to deal with your own hesitancy to get out in the field.

Getting out in the field

< Day 2>

Open a free Phone Swipe Account
I have published a blog article along with a screen shot video that will walk you through opening up your own free phone swipe account.  Make sure you take advantage of this resource and start showing customers the phone swipe application right away!  CLICK HERE to access the blog article.

I am looking forward to working with you!
James Shepherd


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