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How To Hire Your Own Telemarketer

Check out our new HD sound on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud! Today I’m going to give instruction on how to hire your own telemarketer. Outbounders.com and upwork.com are two websites whose services can be extremely powerful for your career in sales. These can be used without any or with minimal up-front cost. The following are […]

Check out our new HD sound on iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud!

Today I’m going to give instruction on how to hire your own telemarketer.  Outbounders.com and upwork.com are two websites whose services can be extremely powerful for your career in sales.  These can be used without any or with minimal up-front cost.  The following are strategies which you can use as you hire your own telemarketer on these sites.



How to Sell Merchant Services in 6 Steps

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  1. 1.  I’ll start with the strategy of least risk.  Begin by opening an account with outbounders.com.  Outbounders has, I think, twenty or thirty thousand telemarketers from all over the world who will call on your behalf.  For $25.00 you can post a performance based job.  Then you pay a certain amount of money per event, which could mean you pay this amount per sale made.  Say something similar to this when you hire, “You are going to get me leads.  Every time I close a sale, I will pay you $100.”  If you are selling payment processing, you are probably getting several hundred dollars up-front bonus money on every sale depending on what you are selling.  So, you can leverage that up-front money to pay for this telemarketer.  This is really a great system.  You just basically pay for the sale, and then they go ahead and create a sale for you.Here is a very important tip for hiring on outbounders.com:  Never hire someone without an interview!  Although that sounds obvious, some view these online platforms like a “magical” place where people come because they want to sell and be good people.  In truth, you have to interview them just like you would anybody else.  If you are going to hire somebody from the Philippines, India, or even the United States, you want to hear how that person sounds on the phone.  The way you do this is with a Skype interview.  Outbounders makes this really simple.  However, you ARE going to be hiring.  You should read every single remark about the outbounder you’re interviewing and how she/he responded to the feedback.  Doing this will give insight into the telemarketer’s ability to speak English and to accomplish your objective.  So, remember to hear the telemarketer on the phone, interview, and check his/her track record on the website.
    1. The second strategy suggestion is to hire telemarketers to schedule appointments. I offer some podcasts which will give you more ideas on this topic.  Using a survey pitch is the one I personally recommend.  Instruct the telemarketer to say, “Hey, I’m calling from the office of James Shepherd right here in Altoona, PA.  He’d like to come out and do a survey because we are working with small business owners in the area to accomplish X.  He just wanted to find out if he could take five minutes of your time and ask you a few questions about this?”  Be very creative; don’t use a normal pitch.  After the telemarketer schedules an appointment and you are able to speak to the decision maker, then you pay the telemarketer.  You could pay $20 to $30 since the odds are if you get three appointments, you are going to make one sale.  Therefore, you’re still paying about $100 for a sale using outbounders.com.
    2. The third strategy is to pay the telemarketer hourly. This is probably the most profitable but does involve some risk and money.  The biggest advantage is that the telemarketer can do whatever you want; he/she can become an assistant.  When you go to a scheduled appointment but don’t get to speak to anyone, you ask the telemarketer to make note of it and work to reschedule.  If you pay someone for two to three hours a day, that will cost $20 or $30 a day.  Therefore, with a $100 – $150 a week, you can afford to have your own assistant for a few hours daily.  Your “assistant” could call for two of three hours and schedule appointments using a really creative survey pitch, and the other hour he/she would be rescheduling people who you missed in a previous appointment.  Do a Google search for “ccsalespro appointment scheduling” to find other resources I’ve published to help you properly set up procedures.

    Those are three strategies you can use on outbounders.com.  After you choose your telemarketer, you must give careful structure and instruction.  You won’t be able to simply say, “Hey, give me some business!” and expect good results.  If you haven’t already done so, enroll in a 30-day free trial on instantquotetool.com.  I wouldn’t mind if you give your log in to your telemarketer.  Pay him/her to watch the instruction videos in order to understand merchant services.  Then give a detailed script for him/her to use.  Include responses to specific conversations with rebuttals and objections.

    Another very important tip for hiring on outbounders.com:  Make calls yourself for several hours before hiring a telemarketer.  Write down the objections you hear; decide what you want the telemarketer to say.  You must role play with the telemarketer; manage that person.  Whatever degree of time and energy you put into your telemarketer, you’ll get back ten-fold.  If you cultivate a good working relationship with your telemarketer, you could increase his/her hours until you’re making 20 or 30 sales a month with the help of an assistant.

    Another very important tip when using outbounders.com:   Take advantage of outbounders having their own dialer system.  Telemarketers may request to use their own dialer, but I prefer the accountability of outbounders’ dialer.  Spend $100 to buy a small list of people you want to call.  Or if you don’t have money for that, use google maps and create your own Excel spreadsheet of 500 people you want to call.  You create your campaign and upload it.  Then you can be assured the person you hired is calling because he/she only gets paid when making calls.

    1. The fourth strategy is using upwork.com.  The one disadvantage with upwork is they do not have their own dialer.  However, upwork does have one unique advantage in that they have many callers who are professional telemarketers.  Unfortunately for these professionals, there are not many job opportunities anymore for high quality telemarketers.  Recently, I spoke to an upwork telemarketer located in New York City who has been telemarketing for decades, probably 20 years’ experience.  She is extremely good; I could tell she is an amazing sales representative.  Thus, she asks $25 an hour for her time.  Someone like this can grow your business in a much bigger way if you are willing to put out the money.  A person of this caliber doesn’t need a dialer because she is already motivated.  You want to offer a higher hourly wage ($18 an hour, plus $50 every time you get a sale) to tap her motivation since she is worth it!  If you have struggled with getting out in the field but are very talented at sales, I would highly recommend this fourth option.  Go through the interview process and everything mentioned before.  You should feel comfortable with the idea of working with this person every day.  With a telemarketer who has appointments scheduled for you every day starting at 9:00 a.m., your productivity and sales numbers will be greatly impacted.

    Please,  contribute comments.  Let me know if you have any questions on YouTube.  I’m glad to answer any questions.  You can also email me:  james@ccsalespro.com.

    My name is James Shepherd.  I hope you enjoyed this.  Have a great day.

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