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I Need Your Feedback

This episode is to ask a huge favor from you. I need your feedback! Usually I offer my content without asking anything in return and am happy to do that. Hopefully you’re getting great value from it. Many have mentioned making a lot of sales in the merchant services industry because of my tips. […]


This episode is to ask a huge favor from you.  I need your feedback!  Usually I offer my content without asking anything in return and am happy to do that.  Hopefully you’re getting great value from it.  Many have mentioned making a lot of sales in the merchant services industry because of my tips.  Now, please help me by going to instantquotetool.com.  Click on “start your free trial.” 

Whether you’ve had a 30-day free trial in the past or not, you may sign up now.  I’m going to give another 30-days to those who’ve signed up in the past.  Anyone in the merchant services industry is invited to sign up – new reps and experienced sales people.  I’d like your feedback on two things.

#1.  Look at the training courses and let me know what I missed.  I’m already developing one now for cash discounting.  What else is there?

#2.  Use of the tool.  As soon as you sign up, Josh Daku from our support team will set up a fifteen- minute GoToMeeting with me and him.  We will show you exactly how to use the tool and adjust it for your sales cycle.  Then I need your feedback as you use the tool.

Instantquotetool.com has gone through three revisions.  The first roll out was a very basic tool which offered a quick instant quote without any additional features.  The second roll out offered a side-by-side comparison along with the instant quote.  The third revision was more involved.  We gutted the user interface on the back end and rebuilt everything.  Now it is faster, more accurate, easier to use, and much more stable.  I built the first one myself.  Then I hired an amazing lead developer who rebuilt and fixed all my mistakes.  Now the tool is a million times better.

In about sixty days we plan to roll out the next version.  We plan to redo all the user interface, change the features, add cash discounting and several other features.  We are right on the finish line of that version.  While we’re finishing I would love as much feedback as possible.  Let us know what features you need in that final version.  After this revision we plan to leave it alone for a long time.  It’s already the best in the industry, but the newest version will be the best times ten!

So, please do one or both of these things for me.  Preferably go to instantquotetool.com.  I’m not going to charge you anything.  You do put in payment information because it’s a subscription.  But you have thirty days to use it free.  If you don’t find $29 worth of value, then cancel.  But if you do find value, keep it going for just $29 a month.  Seriously, I think those watching or reading my content at least three times a week could consider that amount a subscription for content.

I hope many of you will go to instantquotetool.com and sign up for the GoToMeeting demos I’m offering this Friday, February 16th, at 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  If you’re not ready to start the free trial, register for one of those so I can show you what the tool does now.  If you say, “Hey, I would sign up for the 30-day free trial, but it doesn’t have ____.”  That will help me be sure you get the information you want in sixty days.

Very rarely do I ask any return for my content.  This time I’m anxious for your feedback to help me on my instant quote tool project.  Thanks so much.  Have an awesome day!

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