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What to Do With Non-Decision Makers when Selling Merchant Services

How you as a merchant services sales person handle the non-decision maker can make or break your chances with the business owner, here are 3 tips to help!

So, you finally worked up the nerve to walk into a business for the first time and the person behind the counter isn’t the one who makes the decisions anyway, what a bummer! So, what do you do to further the sales process with this non-decision maker? Here are three short tips:

#1 – Use your opening to identify if the person with whom you are speaking is the decision maker. At the end of my opening, I ask something like, “Who are you currently using for your credit card processing?” This is a question that, in most cases, only the decision maker would know the answer to. So, if they answer the question, I assume I am speaking with a decision maker. If they say, “I’m not sure, you would need to speak with Bob” then I know they are not the decision maker and I know the first name of the person with whom I need to speak.

#2 – Treat them with respect and try to make their day better.  One of my favorite quotes is this. “People rarely remember what you said or how you said it but, they always remember the way you made them feel.” Don’t kid yourself, this “non-decision maker” has much more power in this situation than you do. If they tell the owner you were rude or you seemed nervous, the owner will never meet with you. If on the other hand, they become your advocate, you have a much better chance of getting a good meeting.

#3 – Gain insights and information. If they answer the question in #1 as a non-decision maker, you next line should obviously be, “Is Bob in today?” But, if the decision maker is not available, ask a few other questions like these. “Has Bob ever mentioned his processing company and if he is happy with them?” “Do you like this credit card terminal?” “Does your current processor ever stop by to check on the terminal?” Questions like these will give you valuable insights to help you close the sale!

Have a great day in the field,
James Shepherd

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