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Relationships, Revenue, and Results – 3 Keys to Business

Some may consider this information “mushy.” But don’t miss the application! Profit from this core business advice. Learn the three “R’s” and how to properly align them for a prosperous and fulfilling career. Value relationships over revenue and show it by producing results. Follow the tips in this episode to put you on target […]


Some may consider this information “mushy.”  But don’t miss the application!  Profit from this core business advice.  Learn the three “R’s” and how to properly align them for a prosperous and fulfilling career.  Value relationships over revenue and show it by producing results.  Follow the tips in this episode to put you on target for becoming a successful company.

I usually surprise people when I admit that I am not a big “people person” and networker.  My default activity would be to settle into computer programming or reading a book for hours.  In business transactions I tend to be a bit cold hearted and pure numbers type person.  However, I do like dealing with people and negotiating.  I love the rush of sales, but building relationships has never been a particular strength of mine.

A few years ago, I began to realize that building relationships is a vital priority in building business.  Relationships generate revenue.  Nothing is more important than building relationships, especially with people who are at the next level from you.  Ask yourself who are your acquaintances making significantly more money than you.  These are at the next level.  I encourage you to focus on generating relationships.  If you want to make money in business, revenues will come to you as you generate relationships.  Here are some ideas to help you.

Take time to go through your rolodex.  Who are the people at the next level with whom you could connect right now for a ten or fifteen-minute phone call?  Reach out to them and ask, “How can I benefit you?  How could we partner together?”  Hear them out.  Don’t necessarily take their words at face value but view this as a long-term relationship opportunity.  Discover if there is a way to generate a relationship.

Many people miss the most important piece of this though.  Relationships which generate revenue are based on results.  The three “R’s” must be properly aligned:  Relationships – Revenue – Results.  To build solid business relationships, certainly you should like each other and have some trust, but the key ingredient is results.  Beware of this attitude:  “I negotiated a really good deal with this processor; that means I’m just golden.  I now have a great relationship with them.”  You have nothing with them UNTIL you start producing deals, until they see the results you’re going to bring forward.

Perhaps you’re saying, “No, no, no, I talked to the VP.  He is really excited to work with me.”  Or, “I have a really good relationship with the boss.  He invited me over to his barbeque on the weekend.”  Guess how quickly he is going to fire you when word comes from corporate that he has to do a layoff?  He doesn’t care that you came for barbeque.  That is secondary, icing on the cake.  What matters is saying, “I’m committed to this business relationship and am going to prove it.  I’m focused on it and generating results that are going to benefit the person with whom I desire a good relationship.”  Value the relationship over the revenue.  Show that value by producing results.

Most of you will not take this seriously.  But I hope some will stop and think, “Wow!  Do I value the relationships more than the revenue?  Am I willing to sacrifice the relationship to renegotiate my schedule A to get that extra penny?  Or am I valuing the relationship more?  Am I willing to spend $500 on travel expenses to meet somebody with whom I want to work just to show their importance to me?”  If you value the revenue more, you are probably never going to get this principle.  But if you value the relationships more, the revenue is sure to come as-long-as you are producing results!

I hope these tips will help put you on target for a prosperous and fulfilling career.  Keep those three “R’s” in proper alignment.

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