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How to Sell Tablet POS

I’m sorry to say failure of expectations for tablet point of sales systems is one of my predictions which came true. A while back most people in the industry seemed sure the free tablet point of sale system would take the market by storm. However, the sales for these haven’t been pervasive after-all. They […]


I’m sorry to say failure of expectations for tablet point of sales systems is one of my predictions which came true.  A while back most people in the industry seemed sure the free tablet point of sale system would take the market by storm.  However, the sales for these haven’t been pervasive after-all.  They might comprise 5% or 10% of all reps’ sales.  There is one simple key which will prick merchants’ interest in the tablet POS.  In this episode I will simplify the pitch for you, so you can close the sale.

Credit card processing sales people don’t know how to sell technology.  Many of you have made 100, 200, or 300 sales last year.  Probably 97% of those sales were standard terminal.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But until you get a tablet POS in the business, you’re taking a risk of losing those accounts.  Once the tablet POS is in place, merchants are much harder to swap.  To switch them is certainly possible, as I mentioned recently concerning the Square register.  But it’s more difficult to accomplish when the business is using some technology.  I suggest you may want to return to your clients and upsell them to that tablet POS.

Merchant services sales reps are going to like this one key to selling tablet POS.  The key is to choose one feature and only one when introducing the tablet to merchants.  The following is the way most reps pitch the tablet POS, if they pitch it at all:

“Also, just so you know, if you’re choosing between different terminal types, we do have this free [or lease] tablet point of sale system.  Would you be interested in that?  It’s one of those systems which manages your whole business.  It does your inventory, is your register, has a cash drawer, a printer, a scanner, has a customer loyalty app, and a QuickBooks integration.  It does a lot of stuff.  Do you think you would want something like that?”

There are two major problems with that pitch.  One, the merchant will say, “What??”  Two, the merchant will probably respond, “That sounds awesome.  Let me think about it for six months and get back to you.”  And the rep is distressed, thinking that’s not really what he/she wanted to hear.  After that experience, sales reps decide, “Boy, I’m never bringing up that tablet POS again.  That’s ridiculous.  It increases my sales cycle times ten!”  In reality, it shouldn’t increase your sales cycle at all.  You should focus on only one thing.

Let’s consider the Poynt or Clover terminal.  I believe in those two systems.  (Although I’m less enthused about Clover than I used to be.)  There is a beautiful loyalty rewards app called customerconnect.biz which works on both these terminals.  Customerconnect offers a website, a phone app, text marketing integration, and other great advantages.  Although there are many great functions available, I’ll give you the pitch I would use in a pizza shop when selling a Poynt terminal. 

Before the pitch, here is one very important tip for you.  Don’t try to sell the technology until you can carry a demo with you.  Continue selling regular merchant services until you save enough money to buy a demo.

I would set the demo machine on the counter and begin this conversation:

James:  “Hi.  How are you doing?  My name is James Shepherd.  Have you guys seen one of these smart terminals?  I was talking to one of my clients near here and decided to stop by and introduce myself.”

Merchant:  “No, I’ve never seen that.  It’s really neat.”

James:  ”Yeah, it’s called the smart terminal.  There are many great functions it does.  But the one question I’d like to ask if you have just a second is how many email addresses and phone numbers you’ve collected from your customers in the last six months?”  [What a question to ask!  Probably 95% of business owners today would give this same answer.]

Merchant:  “None.”  Or sometimes,  “Well, we have a little clip board and have collected fifteen or twenty.”

James:  “Wow!  How many customers do you think you’ve had come in here in the last six months?  Probably 1,000, or a lot, right?”  [By this time, merchants are going to be thinking they’ve dropped the ball.]  Let me tell you one great thing about the Poynt terminal.  On this side is a data collection center.   [Show the merchant on your demo.] We use customerconnect.biz which allows merchants to grab data.  It’s really simple.  You just click on it to send out a text message or an email campaign.  There is even some social media marketing integration.  It has basic marketing loyalty and rewards.  It’s very simple to use, very basic –  not like rocket science.   When customers check out, they enter their email, address, and phone number.  Then the terminal allows you to use that information to market for free other than the cost of the app.  So, it’s a really nice system to use.  First though, let’s consider the credit card processing since we would need to integrate the terminal with the merchant services if you’re interested in this system.  Usually I can save you enough money on the credit card processing to offset the cost.  It is only $49 a month for the rewards program.  Do you have a statement I can take a look at real quick?”

[You won’t need to ask for a statement if you’re using my instantquotetool.com!  Sign up today for the 30-day free trial period.  Be ready for some great new features coming up this month.  Free yourself and merchants from the inconvenience of needing statements.]

Notice some key strategies in this pitch.

  • Use the demo. Whether you’re using ShopKeep, NCR Silver, Clover, or Poynt, merchants need to see the product.  Keep it simple – go in the business with only one system you think is a good fit for that business type.
  • Talk about ONE function as a value proposition for that merchant. In this example, I used gathering customer data.  I could also use inventory management for a restaurant.
  • Notice the repeated use of words such as “simple,” “easy,” and “basic” when describing the system. Keep saying words which reassure merchants they can easily use the system.

If you “overload” merchants with too many features and functions, they will want to “think about it” for a long period.  Start with one helpful item.  Then if they ask what else the system can do, mention one other thing.  I would say, “Well, it does a lot of things.  But the best way is to set it up with the customerconnect.  That’s the most important thing.  I’m sure you agree, right?  You’re going to use it just like a regular terminal.  Just process your credit card transactions.  Then we’ll get to all the other helpful functions like collecting data, QuickBooks online integration, and some basic inventory management.  However, every time somebody comes in and out, you are losing the potential to market to them again for free.  Before we lose even one more day, let’s get you set up to collect customer data.  Then you’ll be ready to learn more, and I’ll show you how to integrate it with some other services.  Does that make sense?”

Merchants are going to love that approach.  YOU are going to love that approach because you can close the sale right off the bat.  This strategy will help you sell the tablet point of sale systems, smart terminals, and different types of technology.  Use these tips to lock in your customers with great technology.

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