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Stop Updating Your CRM and Instead Let Your CRM Update You!

The problem with CRM databases is that they are supposed to keep you organized and save you time, and yet it seems you spend all your time updating them and getting very little in return. Many of you reading this post have stopped using a database all together and jot down your best call backs […]

The problem with CRM databases is that they are supposed to keep you organized and save you time, and yet it seems you spend all your time updating them and getting very little in return.  Many of you reading this post have stopped using a database all together and jot down your best call backs on a piece of paper.  What if your CRM was designed, not to require input from you but instead to provide a non-stop flow of valuable information about your prospect pipeline so you could focus on following up at just the right moment?  CLICK HERE to register for our live event tomorrow, January 8th at 7pm EST.  Read on to get a sneak peek at the CRM system we are making available to those on our marketing platform.

Key features of our CRM:

  • Built on the force.com platform by “Salesforce” which is without question the best CRM on the market today.  The only negatives you will hear about Salesforce is that it is expensive and requires a lot of development to customize.  Since we purchased the licenses in bulk, the cost is very reasonable for us and we have our own Salesforce developer so you will love this experience!
  • Here is how we design the system to serve you better:
    • Step #1 – We start by importing all of the qualified prospects in your territory (roughly 800 to 1,000)  No more typing in addresses or looking up phone numbers or owner names, that information is already in your CRM and you can always update or edit the data.
    • Step #2 – We use our telemarketing efforts to gain email addresses on as many of those prospects as possible.  We also encourage the sales partner to gain email subscriber info and add that to the system which takes only a few seconds from any mobile device.
    • Step #3 – We provide multiple lead nurturing campaigns or “drip marketing” campaigns based on the business type and your selection.  If you are trying to sell a pizza shop on our web design program, you can put them into that lead nurturing campaign and the first 10 emails they get from us will contain a blog article, video and podcast episode about the importance of online presence for a pizza shop.
    • Step #4 – We send them a daily email with helpful tips on their business and of course, that includes your head shot and contact information.  If they reply to one of our emails, that reply doesn’t go to our team, it goes directly to your company email address!
    • Step #5 – You get a barrage of email alerts or push notifications (your choice) every day, telling you when your prospects have taken action.  Can you imagine getting a notification when your client attended a live event, clicked on a link, visited a pricing page or downloaded a specific eBook?  You will not have to imagine it much longer, it will be a reality!
  • Finally, the glue holding this all together is collaboration with our team.  Sales coaches, telemarketers, program directors and inside senior sales executives are all tasked with helping you close more business and increasing the value of your accounts.  We will all be working with you in real time using Chatter, the internal company social network built right on top of the force.com platform.

**As always, any business that we have a part in closing in your territory, goes directly to you.  You don’t have to be concerned with our inside team stealing business from you because they don’t make money from this, on the contrary, they exist to serve you and help you grow your portfolio and they make bonuses and commissions when they help you grow your business.

The net effect of all this, once you get a full pipeline of prospects that you have engaged with our marketing platform is a CRM database that keeps you hopping every day with notifications about prospects who are not only qualified but who are taking action and showing interest in our services.  A CRM that gives you information to help you sell with minimal data entry on your part.

CLICK HERE to register for our live event tomorrow if you haven’t done so yet.  Even if you are with a competitor and you are comfortable where you are, ask yourself this question.  Will marketing be different 5 years from today?  If you answer “Yes” to this question, ask yourself a follow up, “What is my current company doing to prepare themselves and me for this change?”  Maybe you like the cost structure of your current company because you get $5 to $10 per month more in residuals or you feel there is some other advantage, but is that advantage enough to turn away from an opportunity to reserve your local territory with a company that will be leveraging content marketing and state of the art technology to generate leads and nurture prospects on your behalf?

Don’t just register, ATTEND!  Put it in your schedule now, make sure you have a quite place to go with an internet connection so you can take in all the information we will be providing.  I will warn you now that it is a lot to take in and you will want to be prepared to take action immediately following the event to reserve your territory and get your CRM up and running.

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