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The Art of the One Call Close

The one skill which will make you more money than anything else in the world is the one call sales close. Think of it as traveling a highway. When you say “hello” to the prospect, you are getting on the highway. Don’t run out of gas! Stay on the highway until it ends, when […]


The one skill which will make you more money than anything else in the world is the one call sales close.  Think of it as traveling a highway.  When you say “hello” to the prospect, you are getting on the highway.  Don’t run out of gas!  Stay on the highway until it ends, when you walk out with all the paperwork which closes the deal.  Reps are doing that every day.  This episode will help fill your tank, so you can stay on the highway.  Learn the art of the one call close.


How to Sell Merchant Services in 6 Steps

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I know a rep right now who is closing about thirty deals a month!  This rep obviously doesn’t have time to follow up with people fifteen times and still close one or two people every single day.  The only way to close that many deals is the one call close.  It is a fine art.  I have talked to reps doing hundreds of deals a year.  80% or 90% of those are one call closes in merchant services.  I know some who are closing that high over the phone and some face-to-face.  You need to realize that the one call close is ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE.

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So, the first step to developing the art of a one call close is realizing it is absolutely possible.  Of course, this doesn’t pertain to $100,000 a month or mega-million dollar a month merchants.  You’ll need more time and information for them.  But for merchants processing from $5,000 to $40,000 a month in volume, program your mind to believe the one call close IS possible.   

Remember you are on the highway of a one call close.  Your sales ability and preparation are the fuel in your gas tank.  Make sure you don’t run out of gas!  Prospects will surprise you with questions and concerns.  Don’t get right to the finish line only to find you don’t understand your own paperwork or don’t have the right paperwork with you.  Those are things which will derail you.  Learning the art of one call close is a process.  Analyze the distance you’re traveling down the highway before taking an exit.  Then decide how to go the rest of the distance instead of taking that exit.

The number one reason for failure to do a one call close is you take your foot off the gas pedal!  Don’t give up on the sale.  Many sales people walk out of the business long before the owner is tired of talking to them.  Keep driving down the highway; don’t give up on the prospect!  Merchants will often try to sidetrack sales people, too.  Merchants will say, “Well, that’s really good.  Thank you.  We are definitely going to think about this.  We’ll give it some thought and reach back out to you next week.”  I bet 80% of you are going to say, “Okay, thanks so much for your consideration.  I’ll follow up next week some time.”  And then walk out.  You MUST rebuttal the objection!  My recent episode “Go With the Flow When They Say No” might be a help to you.  There are ways to take the exit but get right back on the highway.    

Realize that there are two key differences between the reps who are doing one call close sales and those who are not.  (1)  They’re prepared for success.  They expect to close the deal and have prepared for that.  (2)  They are not willing to give up!  Many reps doing the one call close may drive two or three hours to their prospecting territory for the day.  They have telemarketed leads.  They have determined to close the sale on the spot.  This territory won’t be visited again for a week or longer, so there’s only one day to do the job!

The one call close is an art, not a science.  No one can tell you exactly how to do it.  Rather, each individual person must customize the art for himself.  Make the commitment to learn it; do a mental shift to realize you CAN do it; then get a little further down the highway each time you try.  If you run out of gas before the end, figure out why your effort failed.  Change something!  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  Perhaps after a couple months you’ll suddenly realize you’re closing 50% of your deals on the spot.  That means you’re DOUBLING your sales numbers.  Hard work, dedication, and preparation will make the one call close happen for YOU.

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