Dominating your market is crucial if you want to transition long-term into more leads and less cold calling.  Imagine having twenty merchants per month reaching out to you twenty-four months from now.  This is possible.  In fact, it is simple.

It just requires an extra time investment with a focus on the long term, while continuing to hit your short-term prospecting goals.  In other words, it requires hard work.

There are many different ways to dominate your market once you identify your niche.  All these strategies can be simplified into three steps.
  1. Find a place, publication, or platform that has your prospects’ attention.
  2. Produce quality content that puts your face in front of your prospects in a way they can appreciate.
  3. Collect data from your prospects, so you can stay in touch.  Let them know about special offers and industry updates.
Are you ready to take the next step?



You CAN dominate your market.


This process sounds simple because it is simple!  Sadly, there are two reasons this process is not followed on a regular basis.
  • Most sales people are not looking for a two-year strategy; they are looking for a two-week strategy!  So, they either don’t produce any content, or they try to sell with their content from day one.
  • Sales people don’t want to put in the work.  Producing original content requires thought, planning, and time to record, shoot, or write.
With patience and work ethic, you can follow those three steps and dominate your market!

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