The next two episodes address the door-to-door mindset needed during the COVID-19. 

Obviously, this is a crazy time for prospecting door-to-door.  Some areas don’t even allow it.  Many require face masks.

I totally respect any who’ve made the decision not to try it during this time.  However, some individuals and teams, depending on the situation, are still doing door-to-door prospecting. 

I recently made a post in our Facebook community about the mindset of not needing the sale.

*By-the-way, if you aren’t in my private Facebook group, look up CCSalesPro Community to interact with about 1,000 others in our industry.  You can ask questions and get all kinds of helpful information.*

During this COVID-19 ordeal, feeling defensive and losing confidence is an easy pitfall.  You may feel that walking into a business is more awkward than usual.  There’s a different setting with mask restrictions and social distancing.

You must overcome that barrier to be successful.  Get your self-confidence up; it needs to be through the roof!

Walk into businesses with a little “over-the-top” positivity.

When you walk in, be a little loud and extremely confident as you say, “Hey!  How’s everyone doing today?”  Here in central PA, I use “ya’ll.”

Come across as someone with whom they want to talk.

  • Ask yourself how the Mayor or Governor would look walking in. The head would be held high, shoulders back – a stance commanding respect.  Those in the store would know someone important entered.
  • Believe in what you’re selling. Believe you’re selling value.  Imagine you had $1,000 stimulus checks to give to anyone who would sign.  Think how confident you’d be if you were simply giving away money.

Everyone reading this episode should realize that IS your job!  You’re providing savings, better technology, and/or increased revenue. 

Whatever you do for merchants increases their bottom line.  Thus, you are finding business owners to whom you can pass money!

Ours is a great job!  It’s an easy job – handing out money!

So, get your mindset right.  Don’t walk into businesses with a negative mindset; you won’t make sales that way.

Snap out of that mindset; get positive! 

Don’t miss the episode next week.  I’ll give three things to say when you walk into a business.