After several weeks of prospecting, you’ll notice there are certain business types where your odds of connecting with and closing prospects are higher than average. This doesn’t mean you completely ignore other prospects. It does mean you can focus on a particular niche to deepen your expertise and customize your value proposition.


“The key to continuing education…”


Targeting a niche such as pizza shops will allow you to work with POS vendors. That will give opportunities to identify the right solution and become an expert at improving business processes for your clients through integrated payment solutions.



There are thousands of different solutions; to become an expert in all of them is impossible. Focusing on one vertical or business type at a time is the key to continuing education.


“Challenges explained / problems solved…”


That focus is a big part of our company’s more advanced content. As an agent finishes the first few days of training, we focus on specific verticals. Challenges of each vertical are explained, and agents learn how to solve those problems.


My favorite thing about working with ISOs to build a custom course is my ability to create sales content that applies their value proposition to specific verticals which want what the agents offer.


“Larger opportunities…”


Once you have a few months and a dozen or more prospects under your belt for a particular vertical, start reaching out to industry publications, associations, and even larger franchises or multi-location businesses. As your expertise grows, larger opportunities will be within reach.