Long Island, NY, November 25, 2020 Valor PayTech, a leading edge fintech created to help ISOs support merchants with cutting edge, processor-agnostic solutions, announces Valor Pay, an all-in-one virtual terminal, gateway and portal that dramatically reduces the time it takes to board and service merchant accounts. 

Valor PayTech is also pleased to announce the hiring of two seasoned sales professionals. Gene Schenberg, CPP, a merchant sales veteran who has racked up more than a decade of experience at such firms as North American Bancard, International Bancard and vPromos, has been named Vice President of Sales. Amanda Dixon has been named Senior Sales Executive; she joins the company from MagTek, where her most recent position was Regional Sales Manager. 

Valor Pay is a cloud-based, omni-channel solution that allows ISOs to set-up and support merchants via the Web or mobile app from virtually anywhere. Merchant set-ups that otherwise would take a technician 30 minutes working on-site, for example, can now be completed remotely in as little as six minutes. Device diagnostics can also be done remotely, in a matter of minutes. Valor Pay works with a suite of smart POS terminals – countertop, mobile and e-terminals – offering a full digital experience for merchants and their customers. 

“Our nimble ISO management platform dramatically reduces an ISO’s total cost of ownership,” explained Schenberg. “Of equal significance, our processor agnostic solutions, like cash discounting and e-invoicing, create new opportunities for ISOs and merchant level sales reps to build their portfolios and residual streams.”

“Valor Pay’s robust cash discounting solution includes cash discounting on tips, which makes it an easier and a more practical sale for restaurants looking to slash the high and variable cost of card acceptance. It also features dual-MID support and smart routing for customers not willing to pay non-cash charges,” said Dixon. 

“With our Virtual Terminals merchants can apply non-cash adjustments to MOTO transactions, and edit parameters for tip, tax, receipt, split checks and batch times. eInvoicing offers merchants several time and labor savings, such as the ability to auto-fill recurring customers’ payment information, and to text payment links to customers in support of easy and convenient touchless payments,” said Schenberg.

Additional features and capabilities of Valor Pay include:

  • Automatic transitions between dial-up, ethernet, WiFi and GPRS, to ensure strong terminal connections at all times.
  • An on-line merchant portal and mobile app that supports access to their accounts from anywhere in the world whenever the need arises.
  • Built-in customer survey module that provides merchants with real-time opportunities to improve service and reward customers and employees.


“Valor PayTech is revolutionizing Cash Discounting by providing a processor agnostic solution with all of the omnichannel features ISOs are looking for, like standalone terminals, mobile devices, desktop devices, gateway, and E‐Invoicing, all with Cash Discounting and Surcharging in mind,” said James Shepherd, President of CCSales Pro and Co-Host of the Merchant Sales Podcast.

About Valor PayTech

Valor PayTech provides merchants and ISO’s with the tools needed to succeed in an ever‐changing business environment. The company’s omnichannel, processor agnostic solutions are bult to provide a truly full-service experience. While many companies in the merchant services space are focused on being built to last, Valor PayTech is focused on being built to adapt.

For more information, visit ValorPayTech.com.