It’s hard to dispute the benefits of cash discounting. Merchants get to eliminate card-processing fees, and in turn, improve profitability. ISOs and agents get to build stronger residual streams. And cash-paying consumers benefit from lower prices vis-à-vis consumers who pay by credit card.

But if you’re like many ISOs and agents, you still have questions about the logistics of implementing 

a successful cash discounting program – how to set-up merchants without the messiness of technology change-ups or workarounds.

After all, most ISOs rely on multiple service providers. They use two or three for brick-and-mortar POS configurations, perhaps another one or two for e-commerce and MOTO transactions. And each of these providers has its own way of doing things. Some may support cash discounting on signature debit; others may not. Some add cash discount fees to sales tax, while others don’t. In some but not all cases, the label printed on receipts detailing the fee adjustment can be configurable. These differences are really complicating merchant setup and agent training processes, leading to fewer successful sales outcomes. 

There’s got to be a better way, right? There is.  

At Valor Paytech we’ve developed a cash discounting solution that’s both processor agnostic and omnichannel. Our countertop, handheld and virtual terminals support dual MIDs allowing merchants to select between cash discounting and traditional processing as the need arises, regardless of channel. 

In a card-present environment, desktop and mobile terminals display total sale amounts, taxes, fees and total costs, leaving no questions in the minds of customers about what they’re paying for. The devices also support bill splitting, apportioning the non-cash adjustment to each party’s share.

With our Virtual Terminals merchants can apply non-cash adjustments to MOTO transactions, and edit parameters for tip, tax, receipt, split checks and batch times. There’s also support for eInvoicing, which saves merchants the time and effort spent on telephone orders. Plus, it incorporates other time and labor savings, like ability to auto-fill recurring customers’ card information, and to text payment links to customers for easy and convenient touchless payments. 

Merchants like our solutions because they’re easy to use, with the added ability to manage all of their terminals across multiple locations with one simple logon to their merchant portal.  ISOs and agents like them because they are processor agnostic, capable of supporting transactions initiated through any channel, and are built on a cash discounting/surcharging foundation.

 So, stop anguishing over the logistics of training agents to successfully sell cash discounting to clients and prospects. Valor Paytech simplifies the selling and implementation of cash discounting and surcharging with processor-agnostic solutions supporting standalone, mobile and desktop terminals, as well as MOTO and online payments.

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