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The sales process has changed a lot over the past decade.  With unlimited access to information online, your prospects have much higher expectations if you want to grab and hold their attention for your sales presentation.  Here are two things you can do to grab your prospect’s attention.

Tactic #1 – Zero in on a vertical market.  Make a special pitch / value proposition for pizza shops or hair salons and then target them with an offer that creates curiosity.  You should constantly be working with your team or processor to come up with unique ideas to go after specific vertical markets.  If you are already using you can load these programs into your profile and show them to the prospect.

Tactic #2 – Provide specific information or experiences that they can’t get online.  Take a brand new Ingenico ICT 220 with you into the business and say, “Hey, My name is ___________ and I just wanted to stop in real quick to show you the new chip card terminal I have been installing for some other businesses in the area, have you seen this one yet? (as you hand it to them)”

You can also provide them with an instant pricing quote using the instant quote tool to grab their attention.  Say things like, “I bet every other merchant services company that has approached you asked you for a copy of your statement right?  That’s because they want to undercut your pricing by a tiny bit.  If you tell me about how much volume you did last month, I can give you my rates without even seeing your statement and email them to you as a PDF, do you have 2 minutes for me to send you that email?”

The prospect can search for information on Google, but visiting a search engine will not allow them to hold a terminal in their hand or calculate the savings based on their current fees.  These and other tactics can be used to grab the attention of your prospect.

Make it a great day!

James Shepherd

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