This is the first episode for my new course Overcoming Common Objections.  Access this exciting course on  Learn how to overcome the most common objections.  Get the balance of mastering objections without FOCUSING on them!  I’ll help you lay the foundation in this episode.

Prospects have many variations of “no.”  Here are a few:

  • “I’m in a contract.”
  • “Let me think about it.”
  • “Well, my cousin does it for me.”
  • “I’m happy with who I currently have.”
  • “I’m with my local bank.”

Each variation requires a unique approach.  You’ll get that information in the new course.  Understanding how to overcome objections is vital.  No matter how good you are in sales, you are going to get objections.  However, I must caution you not to FOCUS on objections!

Why would I publish an episode right before my course on overcoming objections telling you not to focus on objections?  Most sales come from prospects who expressed interest in your offer after the opening pitch rather than prospects who gave an objection right away.  Therefore, to understand how to artfully avoid objections is even more important than knowing how to overcome them.  I recommend you watch another course on called Directing the Sales Flow.   That course explains advanced sales psychology.  Learn there how to direct the flow of sales around objections rather than directly confronting them.

Of course, we all know objections are the reality of sales.  They are inevitable, even though you’re not focused on them and even though your sales process is designed to avoid them.  Make sure you see the next episode to learn what to do when you get objections.

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