3 Tips for Getting the Paperwork (Merchant Agreement) CompletedWe have all experienced those tense moments after the customer says “Yes” but before the paperwork is completed. In today’s post, I want to share a few tips to create a smooth closing process and get the paperwork completed without losing a sale.

Tip #1 – Know your paperwork. Before you go in to close your first sale, print off some paperwork and complete it with a friend or family member. Ask this person to block out thirty minutes or so. Go through your close at least twice. Figure out what you are going to say and how the paperwork is going to flow. Most likely this will create some questions for you to ask your processor to ensure you understand the paperwork, so get your questions answered before you look foolish in front of a potential client.


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Tip #2 – Type up as much of the agreement as possible before the meeting. Every piece of information for which you ask or complete in front of the client is one more reason for him or her to be concerned about something. You want this process to go quickly and smoothly. If the client already gave you a statement, you can get most of the information you need from that and Google Maps. Type up the client’s business info on the statement before you walk in to the business.  Then you look very professional and only have to ask for a little bit of the info. Although you may not be sure you’ll get the sale, just assume you will if the client gave you a statement and you are saving the client money.

Tip #3 – Bring a planner or legal pad with you, giving you something to look at when you ask for the social and the signature. There are really only two things on the paperwork which are a little tricky. The first one is the social security number which you must obtain for any new business owner you sign up. Make sure you ask them several other questions first to warm them up – business phone number, address, personal address, etc.  Then rather than asking, “What is your social?” just slide the agreement over to them with a pen; point to the personal information section; and say, “Can you just fill out these two lines?” Then look down at your planner or legal pad. For obvious reasons, people hate for you to stare at their hand like a hungry wolf waiting for them to write out their social! Repeat this same step when you ask for a signature. Make sure you clearly point out where the client needs to sign; pass the agreement and pen to the client; and then look away.

I hope these three tips will help you complete more deals!

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