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Download a 20 Page Workbook After Our Live Event! #2016Workshop

Materials that organize our core content into an action plan for 2016


One thing I hear a lot from sales people is that we have great videos on YouTube, great posts, podcasts, tweets, etc. but they just don’t know what to do with all of the media!  Where do you start?  Which video do you watch first?  In what order should you read my posts, etc.  There is a serious need for materials that organize our core content into an action plan for 2016.  I am doing two things to address this issue as part of the #2016Workshop Program.

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#1 – 20 Page Workbook.  I have already spent countless hours developing this workbook and it is unlike anything that has ever been produced for a merchant services professional.  It will be available for download immediately following our live event on Monday night and I am very excited for you to start using it!  Here is what it will accomplish for you:

  • Learn Goal Setting and Business Planning. Use realistic metrics from successful sales people in the field.  Select your method of prospecting and then set realistic daily action steps and monthly milestones to achieve your income targets.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the core concepts of merchant services. If you are still a little hazy on how credit card processing really works from issuing banks to processors to “front end” and “back end” solutions, this workbook, together with the live training sessions will give you the knowledge you need!
  • Find the right value proposition. Are you trying to better understand the value proposition for merchants in your market?  Are you nervous about compressed margins and how much longer you will be able to offer savings as your primary pitch?  This workbook will guide you through multiple value propositions for payment processing.
  • Create your pitch and Presentation. Take your new found understanding and value propositions and put them to use by creating your opening pitch and presentation script.  This unique section of the workbook will guide you through this process step by step.
  • Overcome objections and refine your closing skills. This one resource is probably the one that is most requested by sales people, in fact the day I am writing this post I had two people ask me for it!  I am finally getting this one published!  I am going to list the most common objections that you hear in the field along with my rebuttal and the reason behind it.  I will also provide tips on building up to the close and then getting to “YES!”

This workbook is a must have resource for any merchant sales professional looking to improve their knowledge, skills and maximize their income in 2016!

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#2 – The 20 Day Jump Start Program is Back!  This is one of those resources that is almost impossible to keep up to date.  For those of you who haven’t completed the 20 Day Jump Start Program in the past, it is without a doubt our most popular training resource and I have already rolled it out / overhauled it 3 different times!  Basically you get a daily email with a podcast episode and video that tells you exactly what to do each day for 20 days in order to get off to a fast start in the merchant services business.

This resource is very specific and includes things like screen shots of the merchant application, specific pricing and compensation information along with the type of terminals I recommend.  These specifics make it very useful but it also becomes out of date very quickly as a result.  Now that I believe I have a good handle on what to expect in 2016, I am working with Integrity Payment Systems to update this entire program!  It will be published again on January 4th, 2016 as part of the #2016Workshop so that you can start the year with the specific action steps you need to succeed each day!

I am excited to tell you more about the #2016Workshop so please be sure to register for this live event.

CLICK HERE to register for #2016Workshop Live Event intro this Monday at 7pm EST!

James Shepherd


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