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I got the hint… I am coming to a city near you! #2016Workshop

I am coming to a city near you!

Last week I sent out an email to our subscriber list mentioning the possibility of doing in-person, live training as part of my new #2016Workshop program.  The response was overwhelming!  Sales people from every major city cast their votes.  I am confident we will fill up all our workshop events in 2016.

Make sure you attend #2016Workshop Intro Live Event this Monday at 7 p.m. EST to learn when I am visiting the city nearest you!

CLICK HERE to register for #2016Workshop Live Event intro this Monday at 7pm EST!


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I will be conducting two day workshops in the following cities in 2016:

  • Chicago (My home town and the home of Integrity Payment Systems)


  • Dallas (One of my favorite areas of the country. I might be there in August just because I love the heat – bring it on!)


  • Orlando (No, not at Disney World, sorry…)


  • New York (How could I leave out the big apple?!)


  • LA (We probably have 100 sales people within ten miles of LA, so this will be a packed out event and a lot of fun!)


  • Denver (Truthfully, I did this one because I want to meet Jim Sauceda who was just emailing me. But anyone else is welcome to come. LOL… Hi Jim!)


  • I am also considering one in Washington DC. I love DC.  It is only about four hours from my house.  If we do one in DC, then my wife and I will have to sponsor a night time Segway tour which is awesome!

If you are getting excited about #2016Workshop, you need to join me Monday night at 7 p.m. EST so I can tell you all about it.  This is going to be a big year; you don’t want to miss out!

CLICK HERE to register for our live event on Monday.

If you are interested in joining an exciting, growing team, CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me after our live event to learn more.

James Shepherd


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