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Explain the Employee Retention Tax Credit to Business Owners

Merchant Sales Podcast · Explain the Employee Retention Tax Credit to Business Owners

Several months ago, I sent an email about the Employee Retention Tax Credit. I explained how to get even a small business $100,000+ in free money from the IRS.  

A few dozen referral partners signed up with a company I know and trust. They offered their business contacts a proven solution to maximize their ERC funding, while generating a referral commission.

Since that time, I have seen many deals approved. Now I believe it is time for our industry, as a whole, to go on a mission and spread the word to our business contacts!  

I’ve seen businesses with ten employees get $100K+ in free money from the IRS. And the referral partner is cashing a $3,000+ commission check, just for making the introduction.

Learn more about the ERC and the opportunity for referral partners by downloading my free eBook: http://www.ccsalespro.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/erc.pdf

Check out a recent live event I did on this topic, as well! https://youtu.be/6JsIK9KcU5Y

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