Have Fun and Make Money. The Best Advice for a Sales Rep

Three hundred sales a year for probably ten years is an unbelievable record! I hope to introduce you in the future to the sales rep with that record. Right now, I’d like to share the amazingly simple, profound advice he gave. When someone very successful talks, we better listen! Learn the art of having […]


Three hundred sales a year for probably ten years is an unbelievable record!  I hope to introduce you in the future to the sales rep with that record.  Right now, I’d like to share the amazingly simple, profound advice he gave.  When someone very successful talks, we better listen!  Learn the art of having fun AND making money in this episode.

This sales rep sells and has a team of reps who he is bringing up in the industry.  One of his good reps was in a bit of slump.  We were talking together with this rep when I heard some amazingly simple, profound advice.

“Have fun; make sales.  If you are having fun, you are making money.  You are making sales.  If you are making money, you are having fun.”

Many of you are going into the field but not having any fun at all.  You are in a vicious cycle.  The less fun you have in the field, the less money you make.  The less money you make, the less fun you are having.  Next thing you know, we’ll be waving goodbye to you as you return to your W-2 employment job.  That’s sad.  Selling really is a lot of fun.  You’ve got to learn to enjoy it!

I enjoy reading sales books and listening to audio programs on my way to appointments.  Then I love trying different ideas and approaches in my appointment.  Nothing is more fun than being in the moment, sitting across the table from a prospect.  You know you need to say the right thing, do the right thing, act the right way.  Everything matters.  Enjoy interacting and trying to close the deal.  Make sure you are constantly reading sales books and listening to me and others to get new ideas.  I highly recommend hearing a ninety-minute webinar I did with a friend of mine, Matt Price.  Go to CCSalesPro’s YouTube channel and search for ccsalespro objections.  You’ll see a ninety-minute webinar called “Overcoming Common Objections.”  Listen to that a couple of times.  You’ll get pumped by learning many different lines you can try.  I had fun doing the role play with Matt against objections reps said they were having.  

Perhaps you just need to give yourself a break.  Don’t give up yet.  Just chill.  There’s nothing wrong with you or all the business owners in your market.  You just need to have some fun helping business owners.  Have the attitude, “Today I’m going to have some fun.  I’m going to get out there and enjoy myself.  If I make a sale, great.  If not, oh well.  I’m going to spend eight hours out there just talking to business owners.”  Make a game of it.  “How many deals can I get today?  How many no’s can I get today?”

Every sales person is different.  My challenge is not connecting with people; I do that easily.  Everybody loves me when I go out in the field.  However, I have a harder time closing because I don’t want to risk that relationship.  My goal sometimes was to see how many people from whom I could get “no.”  That caused me to push people toward closing.  If I got five people to tell me “no,” I probably got three people to tell me “yes.”  Going a step farther, I set a goal to see how many people would tell me “no” three times.  Then I’d really be pushing the boundary.  That fourth “no” is when the prospect would say, “Get out!”

Make a game of meeting people.  Business owners are so interesting.  Talk about their business.  Have a great time.  Go into the field today and just have a smile on your face.

Have a positive attitude toward life.  Be blessed and thankful for all the good things in your life.  Also, think about something terrible that could happen but hasn’t.  For someone like myself who isn’t a morning person, inventing positive motivation is necessary.  While taking my shower, I rejoice that I don’t live in a mud hut in Africa or Mexico or some place without a shower.  I realize I’m in a warm house on a nine-degree day in Pennsylvania.  My wife is here with me.  My kids are healthy.  I am blessed.  Life could be so much worse!  Yes, thinking such thoughts is easy right now when things are going well.  But I was thinking positive thoughts during the days when my electricity might be turned off the next day, also!

Have fun in the field.  The more fun you have, the more sales you’re gong to make.  The more sales you make, the more fun you’re going to have.  Those two things go together.  Practice this amazingly simple, profound tip from a great sales rep!  Have an awesome day.

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