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Mastering Sales with Discipline w/ Rich Norton

Join James Shepherd as he interviews Rich Norton, a seasoned expert in merchant services. Rich shares how he wrote over 600 accounts in a year!

In the competitive world of merchant services sales, the key to success isn't just about having a great pitch; it's about embodying discipline, maintaining a rigorous schedule, and adapting to high-intensity work environments. This was explained in a recent discussion with Rich Norton, a veteran in the merchant services industry, who shared his experiences and strategies for achieving exceptional results.

Rich Norton, renowned for his relentless positivity and exemplary sales records, highlighted the importance of early starts and consistent effort. With over 24 years in the field, Rich’s career is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. Despite the digital age, he proves that traditional face-to-face sales strategies are still effective, having personally secured over 600 merchant accounts in a single year through sheer perseverance and commitment.

Watch this interview with Rich Norton:


One of Rich's most emphasized points is the significance of a structured daily routine. Waking up early, around 3-4 AM, and starting his day with personal and physical activities not only energizes him but also sets a tone of discipline. He believes in maximizing every hour of the workday, which often starts at 7 AM for him, driving out to locations to meet potential clients. This routine is not just about working hard but working smart, understanding that each hour has to count towards productivity.

Rich also touched upon the importance of resilience in sales. Facing rejection and learning from failures is a critical part of the job. He encourages new agents in the industry to prepare for challenges and adapt their schedules and mindsets to foster success. His advice? Change how you think about your day and your work ethic to align with your goals.

Furthermore, Rich underlines the importance of work-life balance. Despite his rigorous schedule, he ensures he is home for dinner with his family, demonstrating that success in professional life should not come at the expense of personal time.

For those aspiring to emulate Rich Norton's success, he offers training and mentorship through his nationwide sales team. His approach is comprehensive, ensuring new recruits not only learn the tricks of the trade but also imbibe the discipline required to excel.

Rich’s story is a powerful reminder that in sales, as in life, there are no shortcuts to success. It takes a combination of hard work, strategic planning, and personal discipline to achieve top-tier results. For anyone looking to make their mark in sales, taking a leaf out of Rich’s book could be the first step towards significant achievements.

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