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Secrets to Successful Sales Closings (w/ Rich Norton)

Discover Rich Norton's top sales closing strategies to transform your approach and boost success.

Welcome to another insightful dive into the world of sales, focusing particularly on the art of closing deals. Our expert for today, Rich Norton, shares invaluable wisdom gleaned from closing over 400 merchant accounts annually. Here’s a condensed version of our detailed conversation that highlights practical strategies for becoming a closing powerhouse.

Watch this interview with Rich Norton:


The Mindset of Closing

Rich emphasizes that closing starts from the very moment you engage with a potential client. The process isn't just about the final agreement; it’s woven throughout the entire sales conversation. By consistently aligning your mindset towards closing, you set a solid foundation for the conclusion of the sale.

Building Momentum Through Engagement

A key strategy Rich discusses is the power of getting affirmative responses throughout the sales process. He suggests that hearing the client say "yes" multiple times before the final ask is crucial. This not only builds agreement but also aligns the client’s mindset with yours, making the final close a natural progression rather than a sudden leap.

The Role of Listening and Engagement

Listening actively and engaging the client in the conversation are pivotal. Rich points out that many salespeople lose valuable insights by thinking ahead to their next point rather than focusing on the client's current responses. By truly listening, you can tailor your pitch more effectively to meet the client's needs and build a stronger rapport.

Techniques for Easing Into the Close

Towards the end of your pitch, transitioning smoothly into the closing phase is vital. Rich uses assumptive statements that reinforce the client’s perceived value, such as, "Now you can see why my job is so easy." This not only reaffirms the benefits of the service but also preps the client for a seamless close.

Handling the Close with Tact

Finally, Rich shares tactics for the actual closing moment. He recommends summarizing the benefits succinctly and addressing potential objections before they arise. For instance, explaining the next steps like equipment setup or assistance in transitioning services can alleviate client concerns about the process being cumbersome.


In conclusion, successful sales closings are not about aggressive tactics but about building a connection, understanding needs, and guiding the client towards realizing the benefits of your offer. By adopting a mindset focused on closure from the beginning and engaging clients throughout the conversation, you can make closing feel like the natural next step rather than a forced conclusion.

Rich’s strategies show that a thoughtful approach to sales can lead to more effective and less confrontational closings. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, these insights can help refine your techniques and boost your success in closing deals.

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