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Who is Paul Boyce and How Can He Help Your Clients?

Paul Boyce is the creator of John Doe Design and it is through our acquisition of him and his company that we are able to roll out our amazing new web design reseller program for independent sales partners with Up Front compensation and residual.

Paul Boyce is the founder of John Doe Design and you can CLICK HERE to visit the home page, see pricing information and his current portfolio.  Late last year CCBizPro purchased this business, primarily so we could get Paul’s full time attention.

I have been working with Paul Boyce for a long time.  When I first started my YouTube channel I didn’t even have a website for recruiting.  Paul is the one who set up ccsalespro.com and then eventually ccbizpro.com for our clients.  I like to get to know the people I am going to do business with and since you may be considering partnering with us on our new web design reseller program, here are some things you might want to know about Paul and how he can help your clients.


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#1 – Paul is an expert in web design.  With over 12 years of web design experience, he has worked not only with standard website designs, but he also provides logo design, graphic design and eCommerce solutions to many of our current clients.  His services are so good, that for a while we were sending our clients to his company for a small referral fee just because we wanted them to experience what he could offer.  Eventually we decided to join forces because we both share a passion for online presence.

#2 – Paul understands inbound marketing.  Paul understands the role that content creation, social media and email marketing can play in increasing the bottom line of a traditional brick and mortar business.  There are hundreds of web design firms out there that will build your clients a website for $1,500+ and then leave them to fend for themselves, but with Paul, the design is just the beginning.  We help our clients set up their email marketing campaigns, update their website, create content and integrate with social media.

#3Paul understands what you need as a sales partner and how important your client relationships are.  I have never worked with anyone who is more dedicated to the client than Paul Boyce.  I have experienced his service as a customer and now I have seen how he operates as a business partner and I couldn’t give him a high enough recommendation.

#4 – Paul has built an amazing team that is ready to scale with you!  As certain details of our new web design program have leaked out, such as our up front bonus, residual and lack of any initial investment by the client to get their website up, the biggest question I have gotten is, “How will you handle the demand!”  Let me explain how Paul’s team is set up to handle a very large and quickly growing portfolio of web design accounts.  Keep in mind, we have been preparing and building for this moment since late last year and we are excited about the team we have in place!

Ben Shirey will serve as “Web Design and POS Program Director.”  This means that Ben will be the first line of communication with the sales partner.  His job will be to help you close deals, get paperwork completed, submit bonus payouts, etc.  He will also work with clients to help them through the sign up process should they have any questions.

Not only does Paul Boyce now serve as our company IT Director but he is also a teacher in a college.  Guess what he teaches?… Web Design of course!  So, he has dozens of well trained, almost graduated college students who are actually over-qualified to create the types of web sites we will be creating for our clients.  This group of highly motivated, highly skilled individuals will be tasked with creating the web sites and consulting with the clients on a regular basis to make sure our website design and ongoing services meet their needs.

We already have a small group of these students that have been creating the websites for us over the last 3 months and they are ready to rock and roll with many more students waiting in line for a position.  We can pump out as many high quality website orders as you send our way!

#5 – Lastly, Paul has given us the foundation on which we have been able to build what I believe is a game changing program for the web design and online presence industry.  If you want to learn more about the program and potentially sign up to be a part.  CLICK BELOW to register for our webinar this coming Monday night at 7pm EST.  Trust me, you will not want to miss this one!

P.S. As of right now, we already have well over 100 registrants and we are limiting the initial webinar to 100 participants so you will want to register now and make sure you log in a little before 7pm EST to reserve your seat.  Usually a few people who register don’t make it so you should still be able to get a seat if you register now and get logged in early.



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