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How to Sell Web Design – Online Presence Part 1

How do you call and schedule appointments for web design sales? Read this article to learn my pitch for selling our online presence program.

Our web design program is really taking off!  We are already submitting about 20% as many web design deals as merchant services deals and the numbers are climbing!  This is exciting, but one question I have received from many sales people is, “What is your script?”  So, today, I want to give you my pitch for appointment scheduled leads with our web design program.


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Appointment Scheduling:  For this prospecting method, you are calling the business owner, scheduling an appointment and then going in to pitch the web design program.

Here is the pitch I use:

“Hi, my name is James Shepherd with John Doe Design.  I am a local business owner designing websites that are geared towars driving foot traffic into your business.  I wanted to give you a quick call today because we have waived our up front design fees for local businesses so we basically do the design work for free and I wanted to find out if there was a good time that I could come by to show you some of the designs we have done lately?”

If you use this pitch on the phone, they will not immediately agree to a meeting very often, but instead they will give you “buyer signs” which are basically questions.  Most business owners will be curious.  If you get a question, the best way to handle it is to provide them with the best answer you can and then say, “Bob, it really sounds like we should at least sit down and talk for a few minutes so I can learn more about your business and answer your questions, would you be available tomorrow afternoon for 10 or 15 minutes to talk about your online presence?”

The objection you will hear most often other than the typical, “Not Interested” is something like, “We just had a new website created” or “We already have a website up.”

The best response to this is, “That is great Bob, I am glad you are already taking your online presence seriously.  Our company isn’t really focused on the design or creation of the website, which is why we do that part for free, our main focus is on helping you grow revenue from your online presence through social media and email marketing, while using your existing website as a hub.  We even offer eCommerce and email marketing solutions that we can add to your existing website.  If I was able to keep your current design in place but transfer your website hosting to our company so we could help you grow your online presence, I am sure you would at least want to sit down and speak with me for a few minutes wouldn’t you?”

Remember, the goal of your phone call is simply to get into the business to see the business owner.

Check back Monday for part 2 of this post which will talk about your face to face interaction with the business owner.

Have a great day in the field!

James Shepherd


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