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Where is Your Scoreboard?

The key to accomplishing BIG goals is to measure each step. In the last episode I hope you chose the one priority area of your life and set a goal for the next twelve months. Now get busy going after that goal! Measuring your progress is the next step. Decide one number you can […]


The key to accomplishing BIG goals is to measure each step.  In the last episode I hope you chose the one priority area of your life and set a goal for the next twelve months.  Now get busy going after that goal!  Measuring your progress is the next step.  Decide one number you can track to assure you’re on target and moving forward every day.  So, I have this question for you, “Where is your scoreboard?”

Imagine you walk into your child’s high school basketball game.  You’re pumped, ready to see the game.  However, you don’t see the scoreboard.  No one is keeping score, so you don’t know who is winning or losing.  Most fans are going to leave.  There is no reason for engaging in the game without the scoreboard.

Here is an example of a scoreboard I’m using this year for my goal of implementing a healthier life style.  I’m going to the gym three times per week and watching my diet.  On my wrist I have a scoreboard – my Apple watch activity feed.  I record all my workouts there.  I have an app on my phone called Lifesum where I enter the data from my scoreboard.  It syncs with my Apple watch.

Setting your goal is not enough.  You must break it down by asking yourself, “How am I going to know I’m staying on track?  Where is my scoreboard going to be?” 

At our company, we have a profit increase goal this year.  Every single month we send out a profit scoreboard to all employees in the company.  This simplifies the profit and loss reporting.  Soon that report will become weekly.  Imagine how frustrated you would be at your kid’s basketball game if the score was updated only every five minutes.  Frequent feedback shows if there are adjustments needed.  Ask, “Why am I not accomplishing these things?  What adjustment do I need to make?

Perhaps your goal is to walk into twenty businesses a day.  Where is your scoreboard?  You must find a way to post it somewhere.  Put it on the wall of your room or in an obvious place in your office.  When I was in my early twenties I put my goals on the ceiling above my bed!  When I woke in the morning, I was reminded before I even sat up.  Have a scoreboard not just of the goal but the manifestation of the goal.  What’s that one number you can track?

Without a scoreboard, you are just playing.  To be serious about life and truly make a change this year, you must have a scoreboard.  There is something else even more important than the scoreboard which I’ll discuss in the next episode.  Don’t miss it!

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