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Why You Should Sell Merchant Services in 2024 (For Beginners)

If you're seeking a fresh career path or an entrepreneurial venture, the merchant services industry might just be your next big opportunity.

If you're seeking a fresh career path or an entrepreneurial venture, the merchant services industry might just be your next big opportunity. Today, I'm thrilled to share insights from my discussion with Rich Norton, an expert and a highly regarded figure in the payment processing landscape.

Why Merchant Services?

Why dive into merchant services sales? As Rich puts it, this field is an "incredible opportunity" waiting to be seized. It doesn't matter if you're new to sales or a seasoned professional; what's crucial is your drive and commitment. The scope of this industry is as vast as you're willing to explore, offering significant financial rewards and professional growth.

Watch this interview with Rich Norton:


Getting Started with the Right Mindset

According to Rich, the key to success in merchant services begins on your first day. Here’s how you can start strong:

  1. Full Commitment: Approach this as a full-time endeavor—part-time efforts do not breed full-time results.
  2. Goal Setting: Write down clear, tangible goals. Decide how many clients you want to sign up in the first 30 days and set realistic targets for the year, including financial aspirations like hitting six figures in your first year.

Training and Support: Your Pathway to Success

Rich’s team, the Super Crew, provides an extensive support system to help you navigate your new career. They offer:

  • Structured Training: A series of 18 instructional videos each followed by a quiz to test your understanding.
  • Daily Support: Direct access to field leaders and an executive team that guides you through every step, ensuring you start generating sales quickly.

Accessibility and Mentorship

Rich stresses the importance of mentorship and readily available support. He encourages all new reps to reach out without hesitation, promising that help is always just a phone call or email away.

Continued Learning and Development

Looking forward, we'll delve deeper into setting up your business legally and efficiently, and discuss compensation structures to ensure you thrive financially.

Get Involved

Ready to embark on this rewarding journey?

For more details or to join Rich's Super Crew, contact him directly or visit their team website. (see video for specific details)


The merchant services industry is expansive, and with the right guidance, training, and mindset, you can carve out a successful career. Stay tuned for more from this mini-series where we will uncover more about navigating the complexities of payment processing sales. Join Rich Norton and start your path to success in 2024!

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