This sales tip comes in response to a question from one of our top agents, Vic:  “How do you create a sense of urgency when trying to make a sale?”  Vic had many prospects showing interest but not being willing to close the deal.  I’ll give a two-fold answer, number one being the necessary pre-requisite issue before making urgency a priority.

  1. I encourage every agent, especially newer ones, to focus on having a good follow-up system firmly in place before focusing on generating urgency. Vic already uses Podio, our CRM database, and has a good system.  We are glad to give all active agents on our sales team a free copy of Podio.  Please shoot me an email ( with your agent ID and let me know you’d like to use our free CRM database.  We also have a mobile app which you can use when in the field.  Consistency in follow-up and keeping good records of each visit is vital to closing sales.  Most top agents tell me a large percentage of their sales come from fourth, fifth, or even sixth visits to merchants.  Frequently newer agents stop after two or three visits, so they’re not going to have the good results.
  2. Now after you’ve ensured you have good follow-up, create some deadline dates and/or special programs to help generate urgency in closing the deal. Learn to use language of urgency in specific dates and action steps rather than simply trying to make a hard close.


Here is one example:  “Hi Bob.  I know we spoke last week, but I just wanted to follow up with you to let you know I did speak to management and can get that free terminal for you as long as you sign up with me this month.  I’m looking at having your sign-up done some time in the next couple of weeks.  What questions do you have for me before we get you started?”  You want to let the prospect know there are some deadline dates in order to take advantage of the savings you are offering.

Rather than randomly talking about merchant services, mention dates:  “I hope you got a chance to look over the cost analysis I left.  I wanted to make sure you know those savings are good all the way until the end of next week.  You have all that time to make a decision.  Are there any questions for me?”  Such statements help set a boundary of the time frame for getting the deal done.

Work on making your own creative programs.  One of the most effective I’ve done in the past was making a flyer which was $100 bill background.  As I walked into a business and handed the merchant a flyer I said, “I have a special program going this week (month) only, if you sign up.  Once your account activates and your terminal is set up, I’m going to give you a check for $100!  Not only will I save you money over the long haul, but I’ll give you an extra $100 up front.”  Then I took that $100 out of the commission I got up front.  That’s a great way to generate some urgency and excitement for the merchants.

I want to thank Vic for giving me this question.  If you have a question, please email me at  I’ll select some questions for future sales tips.

I hope you have a great week in the field!

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