Here are three quick tips to help you start your week off on the right foot as a Merchant Services Agent.




Set Measurable goals:

Before you start your week, set some goals that you can measure and decide how you will measure them. When I started out, I just carried a note pad with me.  I made a list of names of all the new business owners I met.  Then I circled them if I got a statement and put a check mark next the ones I sold.  This is an easy way to see your progress each week.

In the merchant services industry you should have three goals:

-How many new business owners will I meet this week?
-How many statements will I obtain?
-How many deals will I close this week?

*Also, you might decide to spend some time building your online presence, joining a local business owners group, or some other activity which doesn’t take a lot of your time but will help your business long term.

Be Your Own Boss:

When people say they want to be their own boss, this seldom means they actually want to boss themselves.  Usually this statement means “I don’t want anyone to be my boss.”  If you really want to be your own boss, do these three things which every boss does:
-Have a set work schedule.  Make sure your friends and family know you still have a boss to whom you report…YOU!
-Have times each week when you “meet with yourself” to go over your progress towards your goals.
-Have a budget for business expenses and stick to it!

Decide to Stop Deciding:

Too many agents make succeeding impossible because they are constantly deciding whether or not they will remain committed to their business.  Make a long term commitment, and then stop deciding.  Stop asking these questions:
-Should I be looking for another job?
-Should I consider switching to another processor?
-Am I really a good sales person?
-Do I know enough about this business to get started?

Take some time right now to nail these things down and decide when you will allow yourself to reconsider them.  If you do this, your mind will be clear of doubt and ready to focus on the week ahead!

I hope these short tips motivate you to have a great week!

James Shepherd