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3 Things Every Small ISO Needs in 2023

Merchant Sales Podcast · 3 Things Every Small ISO Needs in 2023

There are three things small ISOs should be looking for as they attempt to scale their business.  This edition of the Merchant Sales Insight is sponsored by Maverick Payments.  I believe they do a great job of providing all three of these things to small ISOs.

1.  Every small ISO needs a technology focus.  You need to offer great technology solutions, but you need to focus those solutions to a specific vertical or specific segment of the market.

2.  Small ISOs need to avoid opportunity cost.  You must feel confident in the ability of your upstream processor to take on the operational processes, such as underwriting and deployment.  Then you can focus on sales.

3.  Brand equity and brand focus are crucial to success as you seek to build momentum with your target audience.  This means your logo should be prominently displayed throughout the merchant experience.




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