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Merchant Sales Insight

Three Pillars of a Successful Merchant Services Marketing Plan

There are three foundational pillars - tech capabilities - upon which ISOs and agents can build successful merchant services marketing plans

Three Pillars of Success for Marketing Merchant Services
Marketing is at the heart of everything we do in merchant services. Often, when I talk about marketing, however, it’s in the context of helping merchants. Like this   interview with Danny Makail, CEO at POS software provider   Zuza.
In this Merchant Sales Insight the focus is on marketing to merchants in order to generate leads. My company, ISO Amp, the leader in full-service statement analysis, is sponsoring this Merchant Sales Insight. ISO Amp has the tools and expertise to help ISOs and sales reps simplify and automate statement analysis and marketing.
There are three foundational pillars – capabilities and tools – that successful merchant services marketing campaigns are built upon. These are:
1.       Fast and accurate statement analysis,
2.       An instant-quote tool, and
3.       Custom proposal templates
Now let’s look at each individually.
Statement Analysis
If you are marketing merchant services, you understand that at the end of the day people care about price. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot of confusion in the market over how things are priced and detailed because of the lack of any type of standardization of   merchant statements. Some are so complex, that even the most seasoned sales reps are left scratching their heads. Well, if you want to build marketing automation on top of statement analysis, you had better be sure that all (100%) of uploaded statements are analyzed correctly.
But here’s the thing: no matter how good the technology (like AI), or the automation applied to the process, there is no way that 100% of statements submitted will be accurately read. Maybe the uploaded document is a crooked scan, or the merchant mistakenly uploads a partial statement. There will always be those times when something goes wrong, and a human has to step in and review problem statements.
And you know what? At   ISO Amp, even when we get merchant statements requiring human intervention and data entry, the most it takes to complete an analysis by our trained experts is less than 10 minutes. If the statement is uploaded correctly and easy to read (e.g.: a native PDF), turnaround occurs in a matter of seconds.
No Statement? No Worries. Offer Instant Estimates
Not every merchant is eager to hand over their monthly statements, or maybe they are just too busy. In either case, you need a way of creating an instant estimate that can be used to demonstrate potential savings. 
Some of our most successful clients use ISO Amp’s instant quote feature as part of a multi-stage funnel. Step one, tell us a little about your business and volume of payments. Next collect some contact information and provide a rough estimate of potential savings. Eventually request a statement to be uploaded so as to demonstrate exact savings. 
Custom Proposals
Once a merchant statement gets analyzed it’s time to present a proposal. 
Not just any proposal – a customized proposal, with targeted marketing slicks that make it truly part of your marketing campaign. You might include a cover page explaining how to use Clover Flex and a particular Clover app to address the home services market, for example.
Executing Your Plan
With these three pillars, and the support of ISO Amp, you can build slick, customer marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. We can provide a link to be used in a Facebook campaign, and embedded code for collecting statements and/or free estimates on the client’s website, or using links strategically placed in email footers.
ISO Amp also offers custom marketing campaigns, where professional developers build custom pages using HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets) provided by ISO Amp. There’s even an API that supports integration with Zapier, IRIS CRM, Salesforce, Zoho, or other services.
Use the API along with a click funnel campaign and a CRM to create literally any kind of marketing flow. 
ISO Amp delivers the automated tools ISOs and agents need to collect and analyze merchant statements, reliably – 100% of statements analyzed in seconds, at most minutes – regardless of the physical condition and statement format. 
Visit   getisoamp.com  to learn more. 


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