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How to Generate More Credit Card Processing Leads

[powerpress] This is the holy grail of credit card processing sales. How can I generate more credit card processing leads? […]



How to Generate More Credit Card Processing LeadsThis is the holy grail of credit card processing sales.  How can I generate more credit card processing leads?  The answer is surprisingly simple:  spend money or spend time because new merchant accounts are for sale if you are willing to invest.  In today’s post I am going to outline several ways you can invest money into various marketing approaches to generate more credit card processing leads.

Strategy #1 – Purchase leads.  This is the most expensive strategy, but it also carries the least risk.  You can go to a variety of companies and actually purchase appointment scheduled leads and pay by the lead.  These leads usually sell for $50 to $80 each.  If you are looking for a company like this, just shoot me an email or comment below.  I can recommend a few places.  There are also many online lead generation companies that will provide lower cost, lower quality leads that have expressed a general interest in what you sell but not specifically requested you to contact them.

Strategy #2 – Hire a telemarketer.  Rather than paying for expensive leads, you can pay a telemarketer to work for you part time.  Usually you also get better results.  If the telemarketer is calling your local market, tell him or her you don’t want only the solid leads.  The telemarketer’s job is simply to keep you busy by finding qualified prospects and get you in front of them.  The other thing I like about this strategy is that the telemarketer can also act as an assistant, making follow up calls after the initial meeting to organize your day.

*Use our Instant Quote Tool so that your telemarketer can offer to provide an instant quote over the phone before you go out to the business.  This will dramatically increase the level of interest and make sure you are only visiting prospects who are geniunly interested.  Obviously your telemarketer will not have access to all the data they need for a complete side by side comparison but our Instant Quote Tool is designed to provide valuable information and insights instantly without access to a processing statement.

CLICK HERE to Start Your Free 30 Day Trial of Our Instant Quote Tool

Strategy #3 – Pay for online marketing leads by the click.  This is where the risk and skill really come into play.  If you have a decent website, you can play around with Google adwords and Facebook marketing to pay for traffic to come to your landing pages.  In these scenarios you pay by the click.  The bad news is that this is really risky.  Even if you are very good at it, you will pay $50 to $200 for one lead.  The good news is that if you do it right, you will close these leads at 80% plus since the lead is searching for what you offer and showing interest by completing a web form.

*Don’t even think about this strategy without reading an entire book on the various marketing channels and paying to have a website designed.  I recommend a book called “Inbound Marketing” from the founders of HubSpot.

Strategy #4 – Build your database.  Without a doubt, the cheapest way to generate more credit card processing leads is to build a database of contacts with whom you stay in contact automatically.  This is done by collecting email addresses from everyone with whom you speak.  Then have a system to automate your contact and get notified when someone shows interest.

One of my core business beliefs is in the power of “AND” rather than “OR.”  One thing that limits many sales people in the area of marketing is the feeling they need to choose between the old “tried and true” methods of door-to-door OR the new methods of email / content marketing.  The most effective lead generation strategy is to put both of these methods together.

Hire and pay a telemarketer to get you appointments, AND this person can also get you email subscribers from the ones who will not take an appointment.  Put these contacts in a CRM.  Then use drip marketing to keep them on the hook.  If you use this method for even three to six months, you will be receiving several sales each month from your own database at no cost other than the software and hosting fees.

I hope these simple tips will help you generate more merchant services leads.

Have a great day!

James Shepherd

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