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Hey Everyone, I am known throughout our industry as a sales trainer and I love that!  I love sales and I have spent most of my professional career either selling things or getting paid to train other people how to sell things.

While I am happy to identify as a sales professional, I must confess that I am also a geek.  I am a math fanatic, I love computer programming and yes… I play chess whenever I get the chance.  The reason this matters for our industry is that there probably aren’t too many computer programmers who truly understand what sales people want in the field and know the interchange table backwards and forwards.

Now that I have embraced my inner geek and starting working with developers to create technology solutions for the industry, we have developed some innovative things and we are about to roll out the equivalent of a crystal ball for statement analysis.  Take a few minutes to listen to this latest podcast episode and reply directly to this email if you have any ideas about how we could make better technology solutions for the merchant services industry.

…don’t worry, James Shepherd the sales trainer will be back tomorrow.

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